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RoyaltyShare Announces Support for Over 50 Music Services

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RoyaltyShare Announces Support for Over 50 Music Services

Postby SlyckScratch » Tue Oct 24, 2006 8:51 am

RoyaltyShare Announces Support for Over 50 Music Services

Web-Based Royalty Processing Service Collects and Processes Digital Sales From Over Fifty of the Leading Music Download Services

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- RoyaltyShare, a premier provider of digital royalty solutions to the entertainment industry, today announced its RoyaltyShare Digital Advantage service now supports over fifty of the leading music download services and content aggregators.

RoyaltyShare Digital Advantage enables record labels and music distributors to consolidate, manage and interpret data from digital music and video revenue streams. Supported services include iTunes, Napster,
Yahoo (Musicmatch), eMusic, MusicNet, Sony Connect, OD2, MusicNow (AOL), Rhapsody (Real) WalMart Music Downloads, Alternative Distribution Alliance
(ADA), IODA, The Orchard, Sprint, Verizon and Moviso. Because many of thesupported services also provide content distribution or power other retailers, RoyaltyShare's platform now supports data aggregation and reporting for well over 150 retail services.

"One of the biggest challenges facing labels and distributors in the digital age is managing the unique and constantly changing reporting formats of digital music sales sources," said Steve Grady, president & COO of RoyaltyShare. "It's a nightmare, and one that is getting worse with every new service that emerges. RoyaltyShare removes this complexity by supporting and maintaining interfaces to all the major services, giving labels and distributors the freedom to focus on what matters -- how to market and sell music through digital sales channels."

Utilizing its patent-pending Web-based technology, RoyaltyShare imports, manages and consolidates sales data from all the major digital distribution retailers. The Digital Advantage service provides a standard Web-browser interface so that customers can dynamically track all aspects of the incoming sales data. The graphical reporting environment allows
record labels to gain a clear understanding of their digital sales channels and make intelligent marketing decisions. In addition, RoyaltyShare provides customers a periodic consolidated sales report for royalty purposes.

RoyaltyShare's Digital Advantage service is used by more than 40 leading independent records labels and music distributors. The service features a simple fee structure of 1.5 percent of revenue processed, making
it a cost effective solution for both large and small record labels and digital distributors. Interested labels can go to or call 858-458-1600 for more information or to sign up for the service.

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Re: RoyaltyShare Announces Support for Over 50 Music Service

Postby peterparker1997 » Wed Sep 06, 2017 9:10 pm

What is this ??
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Re: RoyaltyShare Announces Support for Over 50 Music Service

Postby bmh67wa » Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:12 am

It doesn't matter now. You are commenting on a post that is 11 years old.
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