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New WinMx Client Developement Site

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New WinMx Client Developement Site

Postby Dazzle_2 » Tue Oct 09, 2007 8:44 pm

This is a two fold post, firstly to draw your attention to a long awaited effort to gather enough coders together to construct a new client codebase to replace the aging winmx 3.54b4, and also to gather any help or useful commentary regarding the constructional plans being currently laid down.

The site is intended to be a cross party effort and will encompass both mxpie and winmxworld support, something thats been slow in occuring , if you feel like you got a little time to either offer helpful coding tips of even just shoot down some poor decisions your input will be welcomed.

This sites activity will primarily be focused on constructing items built on existing community open source code and gathering finished code modules to finally create an open source client.

For those who would like to obtain at least half the winmx client protocols just make your way to the site, these will not for now include any Primary Protocol due to obvious network integrity concerns.

Thanks in advance for any help or comments of a positive nature, and no before anyone asks I dont operate this site but am just trying to help the host "Tiny" reach those who may be interested in this project.
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Re: New WinMx Client Developement Site

Postby IceCube » Tue Oct 09, 2007 11:49 pm

Interesting development. Wish the people behind the effort well :)
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Re: New WinMx Client Developement Site

Postby tiny4eva » Wed Oct 10, 2007 2:33 am

Thank-you Quicks,

I would just like to thank everyone so far, im really impressed at how much intrest has come to this project.
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