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xbtit preparing to go beta and recruiting testers

PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2007 6:33 pm
by locutiusX
xbtit is version 2 of the highly successfull btitracker with integrated xbtt and a host of other enhancements

developed and supported by both authors of btitracker and xbtt the objective of the project is to make it easier than ever to deploy a powerful bittorrent tracker by removing the technical barriers to ownership

xbtit premium the fully licensed and supported product ships with installation assistance and ongoing technical support

xbtit pro is the free open source distro of the premium version

the xbtit project is currently preparing to go beta and recruiting testers at btiteam .org

xbtit features include:
integrated xbtt backend
hack control panel
PLUS many more advancements and features including enhanced security


locutius admin at btiteam . org

(not to be confused with any other locutius)