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DAAP (iTunes LAN sharing) Winamp plugin idea...

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DAAP (iTunes LAN sharing) Winamp plugin idea...

Postby Widdle » Tue Jan 31, 2006 4:52 pm

I'm sure everyone is familiar with myTunes Redux. There is also another program out called Getit Together that provides even more functionality as it will build an iTunes compatible .xml library file without the need for installing iTunes on your computer and it contains an iTunes compatible DAAP server.

Anyone who is on a college network can appreciate the immense usefulness of this technology. With Getit Together I can stream files right from my neighbors for my listening enjoyment, or even download them (only non-protected files are allowed to be accessed).

This is really powerful for the idea.

I don't have the programming knowledge to pull this off, but it seems to me that it would not be difficult at all.

My idea is for a Winamp plugin that will access the DAAP network and find others on the LAN that are running iTunes compatible servers (iTunes, daapd, GetitTogether, etc...).

What's needed:
1. iTunes library to Winamp library

This already exists. Check it out here. This could be easily adapted.

2. DAAP client and server
As already mentioned, this is already around and is open source. daapd, Getit Together, myTunes Redux

3. Winamp Library plug-in
This is where my knowledge is insufficient, but it doesn't seem that it would be that difficult to do. These other two things would need to be put together and then you could search all music on the network at the same time, including locally stored music, through the Winamp Media Library. Songs from all sources could be added to any playlist and would play flawlessly because any large network LAN is perfectly capable of streaming MP3's (I do it all of the time with Getit Together - don't even bother to download the files anymore). The plugin would need to add other individuals shares in the left-most list in the Media Library.

Does this seem interesting/possible/worthwhile to those out there in the Slyck community with the know-how to pull it off?

Thanks for the responses.

EDIT: Here is the info on making a Winamp plug-in.

P.S. I realize that this is a dupe from "General File-Sharing" but I realized that this was the proper place for it. I don't have the authority to delete a thread, but I would request the mod's to do so in the other forum. Thanks!
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