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We’re Up To Seven Reports Of “Safe” Galaxy Note 7s Exploding

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We’re Up To Seven Reports Of “Safe” Galaxy Note 7s Exploding

Postby sunnyd » Sun Oct 09, 2016 7:27 pm

Story :

Samsung is still facing a serious issue with the Galaxy Note 7. After a worldwide recall due to explosive batteries, the company has been trying to get replacement models back into the hands of consumers and back on store shelves. However, even with a significant amount of replacement devices out in the wild, reports are coming in that the "safe" replacements are still exploding.

So far we've seen six such reports this week, with five claimed to be replacement devices and one with an unknown replacement status:

•A "safe" Note 7 that caught fire on a parked Southwest Flight, triggering an evacuation of the airplane.
•A "safe" Note 7 filled a Kentucky bedroom with smoke at 4am, sending the owner to the hospital after he started vomiting "a lot of black stuff."
•A "safe" Note 7 melted in Minnesota and burned a 13-year-old girl's hand.
•A "safe" Note 7 exploded in Taiwan while inside a woman's pants pocket.
•A Note 7 caught fire in a South Korean baseball stadium. The owner says the unit is "a new one."
•A Note 7 caught fire in a South Korean Burger King. It's unknown if it's a replacement or not, but the majority of devices in South Korea have been replaced.

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