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Tipster Gets $10,000 Reward for Reporting Software Piracy

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Tipster Gets $10,000 Reward for Reporting Software Piracy

Postby MrFredPFL » Fri Dec 14, 2018 5:02 pm

Story :

Over the past two decades, the Software Alliance (BSA) has represented major software companies including Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and Oracle, in their fight against under-licensed businesses.

This has resulted in audits at thousands of companies worldwide, whose computers are carefully inspected to see if the business owner has failed to pay his or her dues.

Some of these audits have been controversial and the evidence collection process has raised eyebrows as well. Especially BSA’s explicit attempts to convince people to report companies in exchange for hard cash.

In recent years, the industry group has actively solicited such tips from the public. Legitimate leads are then followed up with a thorough investigation or audit, something many companies are contractually obliged to agree to.

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Re: Tipster Gets $10,000 Reward for Reporting Software Pirac

Postby gymrat84 » Wed Mar 13, 2019 5:03 am

If money were that easy I'd probably make anti-software piracy, my advocacy.
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