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Opera Forges Ahead With Plan To Support WebKit Prefixes

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Opera Forges Ahead With Plan To Support WebKit Prefixes

Postby sunnyd » Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:45 am

Story :

Opera software will make good on its plan to implement the -webkit- prefix in the Opera web browser. To give developers a taste of what that will entail the company has released an update for its mobile emulator with support for the -webkit- prefix.

CSS vendor prefixes were designed to help web developers by giving them a way to target CSS to specific browsers and use proposed standards before they were finalized. The idea was to move the web forward without rushing the CSS standards process. Unfortunately, it hasn’t always worked out that way. In fact, web developers fell in love with the -webkit- prefix and often forget that there are other prefixes as well: -o- for Opera, -moz- for Firefox and -ms- for Internet Explorer.

Now Opera says that to remain competitive it plans to support -webkit- in addition to its normal -o- prefix.

The problem, in Opera’s view, is that instead of writing code that will work in any web browser, some of even the largest sites on the web are coding exclusively for WebKit (the rendering engine that powers web browsers on the iPhone, iPad and Android phones). Web developers have, the argument goes, created the same sort of monoculture that used to exist around Internet Explorer, with websites proudly proclaiming they “work best in WebKit.”

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