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VMWare 4 Player Supports Multiple Monitors, USB 3

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VMWare 4 Player Supports Multiple Monitors, USB 3

Postby sunnyd » Thu Oct 06, 2011 9:11 pm

Story :

VMware has released a major update to its free virtualization tool. VMware Player 4.0 enables you to create virtual computers within your existing PC, allowing you to try out new operating systems or other software in a safe environment without messing up your main computer.

The main improvements in version 4.0 center around the virtual hardware provided. This is the specification of the basic computer created within the program into which you can install an operating system and other test apps. In VMWare Player 4.0, the display capabilities have been upped so that they support multiple monitors.

The most practical scenario for this feature is if you’re running the program on a laptop and want to use a connected projector for the virtual display. You can also spread the guest display across several monitors. It’s also worth mentioning that it works with Windows Vista, 7 and 8 guest installs, VMware Player offers the easiest way to get Aero desktop effects in a virtual environment, a feature that continues into version 4.0.

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