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Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan private pics exposed by Yahoo hack

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Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan private pics exposed by Yahoo hack

Postby curzlgt » Tue Jun 03, 2008 9:43 pm

Story :

Want to see Paris Hilton's MySpace profile? How about Lindsay Lohan's? Don't worry about those pesky privacy settings. Thanks to "data portability," a faddish technology movement that the Valley has been buzzing about for months, you can see any profile you want on MySpace. Byron Ng, a Canadian computer technician with a knack for finding Web security holes, has discovered that Yahoo's integration with MySpace makes it easy to view photos for any profile. These images, which Ng obtained from Hilton's and Lohan's profiles, speak to the danger Yahoo and MySpace's lax data-sharing habits pose:

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