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Ares (aka released

PostPosted: Wed Oct 27, 2010 2:05 pm
by in_hiding
The first time I try Ares in about 5 years is also the day they release an update. :)

Re: Ares (aka released

PostPosted: Wed Oct 27, 2010 6:39 pm
by noscam
I am glad that they have released a new version & in the past it was becoming hard to find the real program unless you stumbled across it or had someone do the research for you to find out the real version from the fakes. There were alot of fake versions out there that would act like the real version and all then when you go to download a file after you searched for it, it would say "please pay (amount of dollars $) to download files. I have even seen many of the scam programs claim they are the official versions and say that the real official versions are scams. Anon has helped out doing research and disclosing the real versions from the scam versions though. Way to go everyone.