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To donate or not??

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To donate or not??

Postby Getrapolis » Tue Jun 24, 2008 2:24 pm

From System at 2008-06-24 14:05:40 (4 hours ago) GMT (NEW!)

------------ EMERGENCY MASS PM TO MEMBERS -------------

I have just received the server bill for this month and still do not have enough donations in to cover it, the last request for members to donate was abysmal. out of 25,000 members only FIVE people bothered their arses to help out the site which is a disgrace.

Unless things change pretty rapidly leecherslair will not be here for it's 2nd birthday in 2 weeks time!!!!

Please don't think that someone else will do it as it seems everyone obviously thinks that way and the donations just don't come in!!!!!

I always thought, and have worked according to the premise, that P2P was, essentially, free. How sad then, however to learn from a friend who is a member at that what amounts to a "press-ganging" of members into donating to the costs of the site is taking place. (See reproduction PM above) I was always of the opinion that it was a person's right to donate or not towards the upkeep of anything...I personally donate to the small number of sites of which I am a member...It is right, and fair that the management of "Leecherslair" should expect some donations, but by the very virtue of the fact that they set the site up then it is surely THEIR responsibility to maintain the payments and not make such wide ranging and scurrilous attacks on their membership for execising their right NOT to donate. One place I for one will certainly steer cleer of!!
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Re: To donate or not??

Postby Golgo1 » Tue Jun 24, 2008 2:59 pm

If the bills are behind and the site is in danger, I see no reason the admins shouldnt bring it to the attention of users and ask for help.
However, giving a lecture on how the users apparently failed at thier duty to donate to the site is in poor taste. I havnt been to the site, but MOST trackers want to keep as many users as possible because ad revenue is what pays for servers, not donations.
Relying on donations is a poor business model.. True, many sites are not run for 'business', sometimes it's just for the sake of having the site and providing the service. If thats the case, then low donations shouldt bother them anyway.
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Re: To donate or not??

Postby Fartingbob » Tue Jun 24, 2008 3:09 pm

Since they clearly cant make enough money from ads to support the site, they have to either close it or pay for it out their own pockets. You cant live on donations alone. It might be enough to pay up tot he next bill, but you cant sustain it.
Coupled with the rudeness of the message, id forget it.
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