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Downloading problems

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Downloading problems

Postby help1 » Mon Oct 09, 2006 3:17 pm

I am having problems with Ares. My Ares had been working fine until I changed the downloading speed. Since then I can only download Porno and nothing else. It won't connect, it will be like it is connecting but nothing will happen. You can wait for hours and there are a lot of sources for the particular file but still no result. I changed my download speed back to normal and still there was no positive result. If I want to download Porno it works perfectly but any other file it won't connect. I have reinstalled the program three times and there is no difference. I can upload fine but I can't download nearly anything. I am using the latest version of Ares and I tried the earlier ones too and still no difference. I had disenabled my firewall and still no difference. Do you have any suggestion of what is wrong? Thank You
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