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counting peers

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counting peers

Postby rupert bloone » Fri Apr 24, 2015 5:55 am

what is the best way to count peers?

i tried to count in qbitorent but i cannot make a total of the peers

i want to find how to count all peers on a torrent from when it is seeded to >>>>>>


rupert bloone
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Re: counting peers

Postby IneptVagrant » Fri Apr 24, 2015 8:57 am

tl;dr There are reasons it is called a swarm. Enumerating (counting) all the clients is very hard.

As a client the best you can do is count all the peers you know about, but that is just a small subset of all peers in a swarm. A client may not receive a full list of peers from the tracker. If the Tracker knows 10000 peers, it may only send 500 to the client, as the client does not need to talk to all 10000. When talking about RIAA etc, they use a modified client that tricks trackers into sending new lists repeatedly so they can see more clients (even so they most likely don't see everyone on every torrent)

And I don't think trackers typically track client history. I'm sure you could mod one to log it. But the tracker may not meet all the clients. Some clients may share (using DHT or similar) amongst themselves and never connect to the tracker. Also, a file is often managed on multiple trackers simultaneously, and a client may only contact a single tracker.

When you see press releases talking about how many downloads have happened for a torrent, they are getting their data from backbone operators or ISPs doing traffic inspection, e.g. Sandvine.

So the best you can typically do is assume everyone that connects also downloads the full file. Take the total transfer as reported by the trackers and divide by the file size. Most clients do this for you and report it as number of downloads. But in reality the number is widely inaccurate, because clients do not have to report completion to the tracker
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