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vpn or seedbox

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vpn or seedbox

Postby ejonesss » Sun Mar 23, 2014 11:36 am

i was looking at other vpns like and the first thing i look for is their dmca policy and do i see a catch 22 here?

they say they dont log anything but yet they help copyright enforcement.

with torrent downloads running slow lately even on a vpn i am wondering if now i should get a seedbox because isps have found a way to get around encryption?

does anyone know if any cheap seedboxes that has decent speeds and disk space and most importantly either thumb their noses at the dmca like

or only responds to dmca on the seeding stage ( if the client is set to hit and run so as soon as the last byte comes in the activity is stopped to prevent getting on the dmca radar).

i am using for the vpn
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