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A topic on t411 torrent site in French

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A topic on t411 torrent site in French

Postby loninappleton » Fri Jan 03, 2014 7:09 am

This is a question for multilingual Slyck users who are familiar with the t411 torrent site formerly called QuebecTorrents.

t411 gives a list of their torrents in search and that search invariably goes to a whole page of information in French-- none of which looks or acts like a torrent download activation. I looked. I tried to figure it out. I failed. This is the second time I failed French. ;-)

What I was looking for is something simple: A Hamlet by Shakespeare directed by Peter Brook who is British. I expect that torrent to be in English with subtitles or the like.

Doe anyone on Slyck use and understand t411 for a non French speaker? Is it a pay-for service? t411 is not listed with the search engine I use which is called Bit Che by Convivea.
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