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Comcast’s “Six Strikes” Email With Infringement Details

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Comcast’s “Six Strikes” Email With Infringement Details

Postby BonnyeB70 » Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:21 pm



Alert #1: Potentially Improper Use of Copyrighted Material

Incident Number: 65XX
Report Date/Time: Tuesday, 26-Feb-2013, XX:XX:XX AM EST


Dear Internet Subscriber:

A copyright owner has sent Comcast a notice claiming your Internet service from Comcast was used to copy or share copyrighted content like a movie, television program or song improperly. The content owner who sent us the notice has determined that Comcast is your Internet service provider and provided us with the information summarized below. Comcast used this information to identify your Internet account as the one referenced in the copyright owner’s notice. We also used this information to display the in-browser notification you may have seen on your computer and to send you this e-mail. You can view the notice Comcast received by going to Users and Preferences in MyAccount at and logging in with your primary account holder credentials. Comcast has not provided your name and address or other identifying information to the copyright owner as part of this notice and alert process.

Major Internet Service Providers, record labels and movie and TV studios have joined the non-profit Center for Copyright Information at to let consumers like you know when copyrighted content might have been improperly copied or shared. The goal of this effort is to help educate consumers about the proper use of copyrighted content and provide assistance in identifying possible sources or causes of any activity that led to this Copyright Alert. Comcast encourages you to find and enjoy content online from the many legitimate sources available. For a better way to find Movies, TV, and Music please visit ... s-tv-music. To learn more about these Alerts from Comcast, please visit

For more information please review Comcast’s Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service.


Comcast Customer Security Assurance

Copyrighted work(s) identified in the notification from the Center for Copyright Information:

Infringing Work:TAKE CARE
Filename:Drake – Take Care (Deluxe Version)
Infringement Date:Tue Feb 26 XX:XX:XX EST 2013
Infringement Type:null
Infringement Method:BITTORRENT
IP Address:50.147.XXX.XXX
Reporting Party Case ID:222716XXXXX
Reporting Party FAQ:null
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