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Re: The Graveyard

Postby bmh67wa » Tue Jul 03, 2012 12:36 pm

On most forums "The Graveyard" is usually a section of a forum devoted to archived posts that may be still of importance but usually requires no further commenting. I'm thinking that might be the reason why this section died way back. The topic title didn't grab them and only the people who were around back when the topic was started kept it alive due to seeing that it had new posts and had a few replies for awhile. A new, updated section reflecting the fact that it is more current and has info that today's reader can find helpful may be in order and it should have a different name. Historically speaking it is a good topic but no one cares or even wants to remember Kaaza anymore. They care more about today and tomorrow.

Unfortunately, apart from some BT sites, there aren't many worthy additions to add here and most of these types of websites nowadays just come back in a different country or with a different name. I can't seem to recall any in recent history that stayed down permanently nor any software that has been affected since Kaaza, Limewire, Napster and those likes got in trouble. You can say that MegaUpload is something in recent history that has been affected but since there are a bazillion other sites that do the same thing, the methods that they use to share their files are in no danger as of right now. They have tried to hurt RapidShare the same way and it hasn't gone very far since it's obvious that their people behind the scenes aren't money grubbing attention whores like Kim Dotcom is, which IMO is the reason why MegaUpload is down today.

I think we need something more current, such as a list of software (protocols) or websites that adhere to DCMA takedown requests and "which sites or services offer the best anonymity features". Maybe a section that outlines the varying laws and compares then via location based examples. People need information on how to avoid getting into trouble when using software/websites like these and not so much of "what site was stupid and got caught so now they are gone/down" stories.

If it was an established user commenting, I probably wouldn't have said anything. It's just lately it seems that we have had several old topics revived by what I like to call "first day wonders". These are usually people who are here to spam the site and are just poking around to see if there's life before starting their barrage - usually registering on the same day their fishing starts. They normally have nothing but generalized comments to say and nothing that actually contributes to the actual topic other than to see if there is a reaction. Usually their comments can be copy/pasted into any thread and at least make some kind of sense.

If I am wrong in this case Vincent55 then I am sorry if I have put you into a group that you don't belong in. Just stating my observations based on past history. This is not a personal attack against you. Welcome to the forums if indeed you are an actual person who is here to contribute.

Their used to be an introduction mod. It kept users from posting immediately after registering and allowed them to only post in the introduction thread of a forum until an admin had a chance to see if the person was spam or an ass. Most of the posters I have pointed out lately have posted within 30 minutes of registering and most of them were either idiots or spam. I don't know if such a mod still exists but if it does it might help out to use it here.
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