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Bluetack filters: Jan 2010 version

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Bluetack filters: Jan 2010 version

Postby NYTReader » Fri Feb 12, 2010 7:29 am


I am looking for the 11 files which make up Bluetack's Normal IP-Filter ( ... s-faq.html). I know the most recent versions are available on their website ( ... ts-mirror/), but I am trying to get a copy of these files from early-mid January (I have some logs from that period with some suspect IP's in them which I would like to check against the list). Does anyone know where old versions of these files(*) might be available, or if anyone has them would it be possible to post them? Thanks!

(*) Bluetack files,
- Level1
- Level2
- Bogon
- D-Shield
- Hijacked IP blocks
- IANA Multicast
- IANA Private
- IANA Reserved
- Microsoft
- NonLan list
- Bad Peers list
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