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Beginners Guide to BitTorrent

PostPosted: Thu Jul 09, 2009 2:42 am
by Overnet User
Beginners Guide to BitTorrent

In just a moment you will join hundreds of millions of file-sharers around the world in gaining unlimited access to entertainment, tools and educational resources. You may even find things that are not currently available in your country! Furthermore, you can now avoid using DVDs or CDs that require unnecessary resources and packaging to produce and distribute. This means you can can do a great deal to help the environment and reduce resources while you have access to just about anything you can imagine!

The best part – it’s free and bittorrent protocol itself is 100% legal!

Let’s get started by downloading your first torrent file…

This guide is a compilation of the best resources I could find to help beginners gain unlimited access to content and resources instantly!

First things first, you need a bittorrent client. I recommend uTorrent because it is light, easy to use and works great!
Also, it’s FREE!
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