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How to Get Into Private Bittorrent Trackers

Discussion about the BitTorrent Network and the Clients used to access it.
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How to Get Into Private Bittorrent Trackers

Postby Yehhanyos » Thu Apr 30, 2009 8:58 pm

First of all, you have to know that private trackers have Ratings or levels from 1 to 10.
1 being the easiest to get into a site and 10 the hardest.
Note: This has nothing to do with the contents of the trackers!

There are a lot of ways to get into your desired private trackers, So lets get straight to the point and lets state them: 1- Wait till they open registration 2- Get invite from their IRC channels And 3- Get invite from invite forums.

1- Level 1 to level 3 - Wait till they open registration

Just be patient, you will join sooner or later since they open registration.
But since they open it randomly, and then quickly close it when they reach a certain amount of users, you will have to know the exact time (or rather the exact second) when they open their doors, Here are some soruces you can rely on to know:

A) Filesharing blogs - These sites post articles when private trackers open their registrations. Bookmark them or put them into your RSS reader and trust me, you will be the first one to know. and


B) Dedicated sites - There are many sites whose main purpose is to inform you when private trackers open for new signups
I suggest you rely on one from these sites (I used to rely on btracs) , and

C) Softwares - A couple of softwares here and they do the same job as the above sites/blogs
They will inform you once your favorite trackers are open for new signups. (You only need one)

Torrents Open Registrations Checker (which i'm currently using) Review and download from here. Another software is Tracker Checker 2 and Tracker Checker for Mac


2- Level 1 to level 3 (A more efficiency/faster/easier way) Get invites from their IRC channels.

Don't know what's IRC? IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It is basically a way to chat with a large number of people. How to Install mIRC (popular client for windows) and How to use
-Use Irssi or XChat for Mac OS X/Linux/Unix.

Here are few samples of private trackers that offer invites through IRC (Feel free to add) (Music) Server: - Channel:

How to Join?

To join What.CD via, you must pass an interview. This interview will test your knowledge of our acceptable transcoding policies, BitTorrent, various audio formats and codecs, etc. It is highly recommended that you prepare for the interview by reading "Prepare for the Interview." You will have three opportunities to interview for an invite, so make each interview count!

The rest here

Animatoonic (Anime/Cartoons/Comics) Server: - Channel: #animatoonic-invites
BrokenStones (Mac Apps/Software tracker)
Bitgamer (Games) The same server as above - Channel: #bginvites
Bitspyder (eBook/eLearning) Server: - Channel: #bitspyder
GFT (Scene/0Day) Server: - Channel: #gft-invites
PassThePopcorn (Movies) Server: - Channel: #invite (Movies) Server: - Channel: #TehConnection.Invites
The Place (eBook/eLearning) Server: - Channel: #invites
The Vault (eBook/eLearning) Server: - Channel: #thevault-invites
Torrent-damage (General) I just noticed that the invite channel can no longer be accessed except through the web-based IRC client Mibbit Once you are there click on the ‘server’ link to enter server name ( or, choose a nick then type #td-invite in the channel box then Go.
TorrentTech (electronic music tracker) (Requires java)
Underground-gamer (Games) Server: - Channel: #invites

Note: Not all private trackers offer invite through IRC, so you will have to find your private tracker's IRC channel, then read the topic, If they have invite channel, it will be mentioned in the topic along with instructions on how to obtain your invite. Otherwise, don't ask neither staff nor members for invites, or else you will be kicked out!!

3- Level 1 to level 10 - Invite forums

Invite forums are forums that basically dedicated to private trackers invites (giveaways/requesting invites, reviews, news and discussions about private trackers)
There are a lot of forums from that type, So i will list the popular ones

2- (Get invite from their IRC channel Server: - Channel: #thepiratesociety-invites or from Demonoid's forum (In case you are a member on demonoid))
3- , 4- and 5-


More forums can be found here Private Tracker Invites, Giveaways and Torrent Swapping Forums And here Tracker invites

Tip: Read the rules carefully, and don't use the same nick in these forums and on your tracker accounts!

Note: Some private trackers prohibit invite trading and invite giveaways, So be careful! The list includes but not limited to:

  • A-L
  • BitMe
  • BMTV
  • BCG
  • bR
  • CC
  • Elek
  • FSC
  • F***
  • fux0r
  • GFT
  • iTS
  • LzTr
  • NT
  • PtP
  • RevTT
  • STC
  • ScL (clover)
  • ScT
  • StB
  • TC
  • TiT
  • TL
  • VIPMusic
  • What
  • Wunza
  • x264
Also don't buy or sell invites to private trackers as you will be banned if you get caught!!
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Re: How to Get Into Private Bittorrent Trackers

Postby bmh67wa » Fri May 01, 2009 3:28 pm

AFAIC, if a so-called "private" tracker opens itself up for invites or allows it's own users to distribute invites through their own accounts just to gain some sort of self-gratification (my opinion), then what makes these places private anymore? Other than creating another hurdle to jump through in order to join, there is no real privacy. I am/have been a member of several "private" sites over the years and other than some (OK, I mean very few) having some good social community tools (forums, portals, chat channels, etc.), the offered content was either the same or less than what I can find on "public" sites and their torrents often pointed to a location on a public tracker as well as their own anyway so just seeding their crap threw all of that "privacy" out of the window. Most "private" sites are just selling their name by trying to make themselves look like some sort of powerful entity that anyone would want to be a part of. (Please notice the use of the word Most so as to avoid smart-assed replies from "private" site fanboys.) If you want notoriety by advertising/spamming your site then, saying that it is "private" is very contradictory to the definition of privacy.

If a tracker/site is to be truly "private" then there would be nothing to talk about here, would there? :wink:
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