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Review and Comparison of TorrentFlux Hosting Services

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Review and Comparison of TorrentFlux Hosting Services

Postby slackerp2p » Sun May 04, 2008 3:20 pm

With the increasing popularity of seedboxes, more and more Seedbox Hosts are incorporating TorrentFlux pre-configured into their plans. Here’s a list of hosts that specifically offer TorrentFlux accounts.

(Found and borrowed from):

Services range from $2 to $200, depending on options. Reviews follow underneath this list:

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* • (µTorrent-WebUI accounts only)
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* • (µTorrent-WebUI accounts only)

All Seedbox Hosting sites listed below come with TorrentFlux built into their service, and come with FTP/SFTP/RSync access to your directory. All features and plans listed below are a representation of their ‘barebones’ (cheapest) packages, unless otherwise stipulated.

Seedboxhosting is the only seedbox provider in the list that offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited number of torrents, in one low price. For $37 bucks a month, you simply can’t find a better service or support team. For anyone who’s seriously into seedboxes, this is the only way to go. Unless, of course, you want to shell out $200 a month for a dedibox.

Trial Run: In our tests, seedboxhosting was assuredly speedy, with regular speeds easily clocking in at around 1500 - 3000KB/s, and "burst" speeds were fantastically higher.

$37 clams still too steep for you? No problem! You’ll be able to create sub-accounts so that you can ’share’ the monthly cost between you and friends. With a money-back guarantee and prices that can’t be beat - you can’t go wrong with seedboxhosting. We have a winner! Other features include:

Monthly Transfer Bandwidth: Unlimited
Number of Torrents: Unlimited
Speed: 100mbit unmetered / no speed cap on transfers.
Memory / Drive Space: Package #1: 150MB RAM / 50GB hard drive space.
Package #2: 300MB RAM / 100GB hard drive space.
Pricing: $37/mo. & $57/mo. No setup fees, no hidden costs.
Shared Accounts? Yes - Multiple sub-accounts are allowed.
Extras: Money-back guarantee; Dedicated IP address; servers are on 1 GB pipes.

Seedboxhosting is presently all sold out of accounts - but the good news is that they’re adding new hardware due to high demand. To get on their waiting list, simply create an account and you’ll be notified via email when services become available. Get in fast — it’s worth the short wait.


Aside from offering ‘highly modified’ TorrentFlux scripts, JMH Services also supports the µTorrent-WebUI alternative to managing torrents. Presently they offer a variety of packages, although custom plans are available. Prices start at $49/mo for a modest 1000GB throughput with a 45GB hard drive (with a very low maximum of 4 users per server - a great added bonus).

Monthly Transfer Bandwidth: 1000 GB
Number of Torrents: Unlimited
Speed: 100mbit / no speed cap
Memory / Drive Space: 45 GB hard drive space, RAM is a ’shared pool’ setup (with excess for everyone).
Pricing: Starting at $49/mo. - $199/mo. Setup fees apply to premium accounts only.
Shared Accounts OK? No. One user per account.
Extras: Training & Support, 99.999% Uptime Guaranteed. Account setup in about 30 minutes.

Trial Run: We took JMH for a test drive with their basic shared package, and they did not fail to impress! Download speeds were a sustained 6,000 KB/s, and it took just 3 minutes to download two…count ‘em…two 700MB movies. Want proof? See the screenshot below.

We asked JHM Services how they could manage such high speeds. They said, "We offer premium bandwidth not second or third tier connections. While the HTTP transfer is OK the real speed comes with FTP using a multi-threaded client. We get a lot of repeat customers that go elsewhere because of the price but many come back after a month or two." — We can see why!


LeaseTorrent is one of the most affordable TF Host in the group, but not cheap on service. At the time of testing there was a 'waiting period' for new accounts, due to popularity. We jumped on the 'wait list' and received notification 10 days later suggesting that there was an opening.

Trial Run: We took them for a spin, and shelled out £3 plus and additional £2.5 for an extra 50GB ‘uploading’ bandwidth. Download speeds were very zippy indeed - we managed to get ’sustained’ speeds of 5,600 KB/s. LeaseTorrent is a great opportunity to fix a bad ratio in a hurry, without breaking the bank to do it!

Monthly Transfer Bandwidth: Varies. £3 gets 5 GB; £2.5 extra = 50 GB
Number of Torrents: Varies. Extra "torrents" start at £1.5 ea.
Speed: 100mbit / 300 KB/s upload cap.
Memory / Drive Space: Variety of configurations, unknown amount of RAM.
Pricing: £3 a month. (Plus extras)
Shared Accounts OK? No. One user per account.
Extras: Offers 3 server locations, highly customizable configurations.

LeaseTorrent doesn’t have different "plans", just one configuration but available upgrades can (and should) be purchased separately. One thing to note: The £3 account comes with 1 torrent, and seeding is only available to "100%" - you’ll need to purchase some extra GBs if you want to seed past 1:1. Also note that uploading is capped at 300 KB/s.


BR-Hosting is a newer webhosting company that offers a variety of entry and mid-range TorrentFlux accounts. Their ‘value’ account at $15 offers 2 active torrents with 600 GB of monthly bandwidth - a very respectable starters’ account.

Extra bandwidth can be purchased at $4 per 100 GB, although it’s highly unlikely to be necessary for their packages #3 - 5 (7 TB of throughput is plenty!) At last check, they had open slots for new accounts (no waiting list).

Monthly Transfer Bandwidth: 600 GB - $15 plan.
Number of Torrents: 10 GB. - see plans below.
Speed: 100mbit - no cap on transfer speeds.
Memory / Drive Space: Variety of configurations, 4 GB RAM shared for each server.
Pricing: $15 for Starter account $65 for "Pro - Package #5"
Shared Accounts OK? Shared accounts - yes (through FTP is OK). No "sub-accounts".
Extras: Offers 5 server locations.

Trial Run: We were lucky enough to take BR-Hosting for a test drive on their Xeon Quad Core server - and VROOM! Sustained speeds topped in at around 2,000 KB/s, with burst speeds in excess of 7,000 KB/s.


FluidTorrent is a brand-new seedbox / TorrentFlux company that offers 2 different plans - £13 & £23 each. Extra hard drive space can be purchased at $4 per 5 GB, and additional torrents can be added for £4/mo.

Monthly Transfer Bandwidth: Unlimited
Number of Torrents: 3 or 6 - depending on plan.
Speed: 100mbit - no cap on transfer speeds.
Memory / Drive Space: Variety of configurations, unknown amount of RAM.
Pricing: £13 for 3 torrents & 10 GB space. £23 for 6 torrents and 20 GB.
Shared Accounts OK? Not known, but unlikely.
Extras: 72-hour free trial. Great tutorials on site! 99.9% Uptime. Download speeds up to 12,500 KB/s.

FluidTorrent offers a 72-hour free trial on both accounts - what can be better than that!


TorrentSwift features three packages to choose from - starting at $20/mo. All servers are connected to a 100mb/s line, and users can expect burstable speeds of up to 5,000 KB/s.

TorrentSwift plans are designed for the small user, each account is one per person only and is placed on to a main shared server. The server has dual quad core processors with 8 GB RAM. They will be launching a new service soon (will be released to client base first) incorporating higher end VPS TorrentFlux packages that will range from large transfer allowance to unlimited transfers and may be shared.

Monthly Transfer Bandwidth: 200 - 800 GB.
Number of Torrents: 2 to 8 — depending on plan.
Speed: 100mbit - no cap on transfer speeds.
Memory / Drive Space: 15 - 50 GB drive space, 8 GB RAM shared on server.
Pricing: $20, 30 and 40 dollar plans.
Shared Accounts OK? No yet - this feature is coming soon.
Extras: Burst speeds up to 5,000 KB/s.


W00tsite offers 4 different TorrentFlux plans with prices ranging between $15 - 30, and accounts are fully configurable and upgradable. Speeds are great - they have a test link for users to verify speeds, and a server statistics button available to anyone who wants to view the details.

Monthly Transfer Bandwidth: 50 - 200 GB.
Number of Torrents: 5 to 20 — depending on plan.
Speed: 100mbit - no cap on transfer speeds.
Memory / Drive Space: 50 GB - 200 GB
Pricing: $15 - $30 plans. Extras optional.
Shared Accounts OK? Likely. Multiple FTP accounts allowed.
Extras: Dedicated IP, Complete Admin Access (SSH, cPanel, TF admin) is available.

Bandwidth is the only Achilles’ heel to w00tsite. Their best package (#4) only allows for 200 GB monthly throughput, and extra can be purchased for $15 per 100 GB, or $40/mo. for unlimited. Any serious torrenter will probably require the ‘unlimited’ option, which spikes the overall price rather sharply.


Free.The.Network offers a variety of different TorrentFlux plans with prices ranging between $10 - $60. FTN is dedicated to bringing affordable seedbox services to the masses. They have packages starting from just $10 and flexible plans so you only pay for what you need.

Monthly Transfer Bandwidth: 50 - 200 GB.
Number of Torrents: 5 to unlimited — depending on plan.
Speed: 100mbit - no cap on transfer speeds.
Memory / Drive Space: 150 GB - 1500 GB.
Pricing: $10 - $60 plans (many available configurations).
Shared Accounts OK? Not known.
Extras: 100 mbit shared - 10 mbit guaranteed.

Notes: 1 Gbit shared accounts are coming soon! See their packages link for even more seedbox options and accounts. Note that FTP access is only available on Layer 4 plans.

Image says, "Need a cost effective content distribution solution but don’t have the cash? Try our service! We have fully redundant gigabit nics on all of our network’s servers to ensure that your content is always spreading. We utilize the Torrentflux Software to which we have heavily modified to suit our customers needs and wants."

Monthly Transfer Bandwidth: 75 - 125 GB.
Number of Torrents: Unknown at this time.
Speed: 100mbit - no cap on transfer speeds.
Memory / Drive Space: 5, 10 and 15 GB accounts.
Pricing: $8 - $20 plans. No mention of extras.
Shared Accounts OK? Unlikely - but unknown.
Extras: Instant account ‘Setup’.

Notes: Accounts are very affordable, but come with a relatively small amount of monthly bandwidth (75 & 125 GB), with no mention of how to add ‘extras’ to the account. FTP access must be requested.


EscapeHosting is the most affordable TorrentFlux Hosting of the bunch - with plans starting at just $2. All accounts comes with unlimited torrents (can you believe that!), making this a great solution for users to fix a bad ratio in a pinch - without having to signup for one of the larger, full-fledged accounts. If you’re looking for a ‘temp’ TorrentFlux account, then this is the way to go.

Monthly Transfer Bandwidth: 15 - 200 GB.
Number of Torrents: Unlimited.
Speed: 100mbit - no cap on transfer speeds.
Memory / Drive Space: 1 to 10 GB accounts.
Pricing: $2 - $11 plans. Extra "upgrades" can be seen on signup screen.
Shared Accounts OK? Shared FTP access OK. Unknown if "sub-accounts" are OK.
Extras: Dedicated IP is $5 extra, customized plans available. Multiple FTP accounts included. 99.9% Uptime.

Notes: More bandwidth is available on request at $1 for 10 GB or $10 for 110 GB.


Torrent-Core is a hidden gem for economy TorrentFlux users - they offer affordable plans starting at £4 for unlimited monthly bandwidth with 5 active torrents and 5 GB drive space. Can't beat the price for unlimited transfers. Double the price to £8 and you get 10 GB space plus 12 active torrents! Torrent-Core offers a "reseller" package to anyone that wishes to re-sell their services - cost is £20/mo (40 sub-account maximum).


Sciclone Hosting is one of the more expensive Seedbox Hosts, but for good reason. They offer premium servers in a variety of configurations - suitable for the ’serious’ TorrentFlux user. Update: We contacted them, and all TorrentFlux seedboxes are presently sold out (even though the TF page shows available plans, we were assured that this page is out-of-date). Regular non-TorrentFlux servers are always available through their main page, but we recommend you ask them about their ToS if you decide to install your own TorrentFlux interface.

Monthly Transfer Bandwidth: 1000 - 1500 GB.
Number of Torrents: Unlimited.
Speed: 100mbit - no cap on transfer speeds.
Memory / Drive Space: RAM - 256 MB to 4 GB. Hard drives: 80 - 320 GB.
Pricing: $59 - $239 plans. Servers are fully customizable.
Shared Accounts OK? YES - Multiple "sub-accounts" are OK.
Extras: 3 IP’s per server; support is included; 99.9% uptime is guaranteed.

Notes: Email for more TorrentFlux information and current availability.


TitaHost is in the process of launching an entirely new line of TorrentFlux services, with new hardware and added bandwidth. Check back at their site for updates, although they are unofficially "open" to new TorrentFlux customers. Plans start at $1, and range up to $40.

To order, check out their 'shopping cart' - here's the link:

Santrex offers torrent hosting seedboxes with either TorrentFlux or WebUI, although presently they're sold out of TorrentFlux ones. All the servers are hosted in the US in a major Datacenter with dedicated 100mbit connections, along with a few EU servers in Germany, France and Amsterdam. NOTE: We messaged them at two different email addresses from their site, and they both came back as "undeliverable". This is not a good sign.

Hivebox doesn’t sell TorrentFlux seedboxes, but it offers FTP servers and µTorrent-WebUI interface instead. Their seedbox is located on a 1 gbit (1000 mbps) connection in Amsterdam. Typical torrent speeds should be 5-10 MB/s. Plans range between €10 and €40 Euros.

GetByte Services also doesn’t offer TorrentFlux anymore, but FTP servers and the µTorrent-WebUI interface for torrent transfers. Prices range from $15 to $50 - we recommend a "Seeder Package". See their signup page for pricing and availability.

PFCorner sells seedboxes that support the µTorrent WebUI platform. Prices range from €5 to €110/mo. in a variety of configurations. Email for questions, suggestions and orders.
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Re: Review and Comparison of TorrentFlux Hosting Services

Postby FrankTalk » Sun May 04, 2008 4:00 pm

This should be an article or item in website not a forum posting.

Good work.
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Re: Review and Comparison of TorrentFlux Hosting Services

Postby enigmax » Mon May 05, 2008 3:44 am

It is :)

Check out the link at the top
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