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A Huge List of Private BitTorrent IRC Channels (clickable)

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A Huge List of Private BitTorrent IRC Channels (clickable)

Postby slackerp2p » Mon Apr 28, 2008 8:00 am

Here’s a massive list of IRC channels from most of the popular private BitTorrent sites. Similar posts have made their rounds throughout the BitTorrent scene — we’ve cleaned it up by updating the links and by adding new IRC channels; and we’ve also tested them to make sure they work. To make it even more handy, we’ve made the links "clickable" so you can launch IRC right from these links, without having to do all that cut/paste nonsense.

I tried to add the entire list in this thread, but the data is in "HTML Table" format, and it didn't work. Sorry, but you'll need to visit the source page to view it. It's here:

Private Tracker IRC Channel Index

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