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WinMX and Opennap

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WinMX and Opennap

Postby Nessmaster » Sun Sep 19, 2004 10:29 am

Usually I just log onto to Winmx as with a secondary connection and start searching fro files on the network, sometimes in a caht room from certain people. Anyway...I had always been courious as to what the Opennap tab of WinMX is. So yesterday I tried it, I got the wsx (or whatever it's called) file, and used Opennap. I didn't really have the much time to explore but it seemed to be a bit crouded (at least for the server that I joined). So could someone explain to me what Opennap is, and how to use it? Thank you :D
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Postby eclectica » Sun Sep 19, 2004 10:59 pm

They are servers running on the computers of individuals. They can have 100s to 1000s users connected, and if they hook up to another server they can form a network of several servers. In 2000 the servers were running OpenNap and used Napster as a client, but that project died and was replaced by SlavaNap.

Besides importing the wsx list, you can get a listing of servers you can manually add here:
And from GotNap you can import their server list as a wsx file here:
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Postby Al » Sun Sep 19, 2004 11:18 pm

Opennap is an open source server version of the napster protocol.
These servers use a different protocol and operate separately from the winmx network
Originally winmx only provided this, but then developed the wpnp protocol as napster and opennap server providers were legally hounded.

Napster searches happen on the server and then you connect to the peer with the file. With WPNP you connect to peers or to supernodes and then searches have to propagate through the network(but there are limits to how far). Then you connect to the peer with the file, as with napster.
Since you search on the server, which holds a list of all available network files, rather than distributed searching as with wpnp(where you aren't searching the whole network but a certain horizon of peers a certain number of hops from you), you can sometimes have better luck finding rare things on opennap.

You seem to have figured out most of the how to use part.

You have downloaded a wsx file. Different wsx files have different server lists. Right click on the downloaded wsx file and import it so the list can populate your opennap window.

In general different servers function as separate networks, however those clustered under a plus sign are interconnected so you shouldn't try to connect to multiple servers in the same group. Pick a couple different network groups(those not grouped under a expandable + sign) and try connecting to them. Don't try to connect to a massive number at once, pick a handful. You might find that some of the network groups have more material to your taste.

Then you can search using the tools you would for the winmx wpnp protocol. You can choose to search all sources or particular servers.
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Postby Imagenyuss » Mon Sep 20, 2004 11:00 am

as Al said you can search within a particular opennap that you're connected to or all networks your connected to at any given time (including the wpn; searching all networks is the default setting).
You may specify which network to search in a small tab under the space provided to write in search queries.
Besides downloading .wsx files from the sites listed above, winMX has its own 'search for .wsx' on its opennaps tab. This will do a search for an up-to-date .wsx file shared by other users. It actually uses that day's date in the search for your .wsx file. This is sometimes easier as most .wsx files are small enough to auto-download from its sources. Once downloaded, in the transfers window you may right click on a completed .wsx file and click 'import.' This will add all opennap networks in the .wsx file to your opennap window.
An alternative to doing this is dragging and dropping a .wsx file to your winMX shortcut on your desktop.
A word to the wise: do not go nuts with opennaps. Connecting to more than a few at a time inflates opennap search results for everyone who's connected to the same servers as you. Also, in my experience, winMX can become unstable if you connect to too many at any given time.
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