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trading, and Whois query failed : How can this possible ?

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trading, and Whois query failed : How can this possible ?

Postby little_rabbit » Sun Aug 29, 2004 11:24 am

I am trading with an user, saying "TheBestofTheWorld".
And i refreh the browse of this user : saying "Finished", with an empty folder.

So, i do a whois with him : and i get a :
"Whois query failed.
User: TheBestofTheWorld

No response from remote host."

Really, i am wondering, because i am trading with him, with an high speed, furhtermore.

Is somebody can explain that ?

Tx for reply.
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Postby Unbiased_Opinion » Sun Aug 29, 2004 11:31 am

It could be simply he disconnected from WinMX yet all transfers stil in progress will continue until they are finished. Each time a user reconnects (aka refresh connection) on winmx he gets a different 0511941 number at the end. That is the same reason why you can't add the user to your hotlist, hence WinMX is a decentralized server. There are alternatives to find him again: Chat room or the opennap features (which you can add each other to hotlists since they use centralized servers).

Hope that clears a few things up. Also, check out this site for more info on how winmx secondary connections work.
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