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RCMS 7.0 (for WinMx 3.53)

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RCMS 7.0 (for WinMx 3.53)

Postby Dazzle » Sun Jul 25, 2004 3:19 pm

This is the latest release from Nushi.
This Version is for Winmx 3.53 only

Big thanx to Nushi and the 2sn site .
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Postby little_rabbit » Mon Jul 26, 2004 6:38 am

What are the features of this tool ?
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Postby Unbiased_Opinion » Mon Jul 26, 2004 6:43 am

Download it and open up the ReadMe and the Configuration .txt files and read it for yourself.

Its way too friggin' long to post all of it here.
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Postby little_rabbit » Mon Jul 26, 2004 1:39 pm

It seems that this soft is a programm for chatting, or i am wrong ?
If yes, that perhaps confirms that i thought : it's totally dumbass to develop a version of WinMX, in view to just modify the chat features ....
Huge waste of time :roll::roll: :
for users (no matter, personally, i kept the v.3.31) and for the developpers.....
Search features and Q-managing are so horrible....but to modify this is perhaps more complicate ?
Or perhaps i miss something :?: :?:
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