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3rd Shutdown Anniversary Of "Official" WinMX

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3rd Shutdown Anniversary Of "Official" WinMX

Postby Dazzle_2 » Fri Sep 19, 2008 4:38 am

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the shutdown of the official WinMX site and home of developer and WinMX technologies company president Kevin Hearn.

Its been a long time for most folks since the sudden and unexpected closure of the network and the anniversary of its resurrection in a few days time, 3 long years have passed and the network is still thriving and completely controlled in a responsible fashion by the users, there have of course been ups and downs over this time but the community has held firm and ensured it has remained the friendly and caring community we still have today, many of the networks 1000+ chat room users are well known to each other for one reason or another and whilst some users take a break they are nearly always back before long to recontact old friends they made on the network, this really is the key to WinMX's survival, without such a community to fall back on the network would have splintered as many of the other networks did when the Grokster decision was announced, and its at this point we can see although Kevin took the crushing decision to close the vital connection peer caches he didnt sell his work to the cartel to make a last-ditch buck before bowing out as many other networks did, this has always been a source of pride for us all, knowing that by the continued operation of the network we are able to ensure the community he created lives on.

There is a thread on the winmxworld site for those who want to share their shut down anniversary memories with others, many great stories are sure to emerge as folks add a touch of nostalgia to an event that shook the entire community and continued seemingly longer but was in reality an around the clock episode for 3 solid days.,7154.0.html

Happy anniversary to those Slycks members who are also members of the WinMX community and let me take this opportunity to say a big thanks to Tom for making this site a place many WinMX users look to as their primary source of WinMX news and information before, during and after the official closure, WinMX may be just a memory to some but its most certainly home to hundreds of thousands and still going strong.
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Re: 3rd Shutdown Anniversary Of "Official" WinMX

Postby tiny4eva » Fri Sep 19, 2008 11:25 am

Happy aniversary folks, i noticed during your little speech you didnt slip up on the new comunity patch being released that is supported by the two main groups looking after winmx. So soon every user coming accross winmx will be protected. Seen as you never slipped, i thought i would for you lol. Viva la WinMX and role on the new update on the resurection date 23rd(bit of sneak news thier Tom). :headbang: :toast:
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