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Offical Slyck Forum WinMX Resource Topic

PostPosted: Thu Oct 03, 2002 5:34 am
by PeRFecTIoN
WinMX Tools [Credit: adrian15] [Credit: Saxman789]

Opennap Server Lists/Opennap Related ... lists.html)

Other ... uture.html
[Credit:adrian15] [Credit: Saxman789]

PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2002 3:40 pm
by Guest [Credit: Saxman789]

Curiosity what does Credit:Saxman789 mean?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2002 3:44 pm
by Vladd44
for the record it can also be reached at

plain text webpage

PostPosted: Tue Oct 15, 2002 6:56 am
by adrian15
Vladd44 wrote:for the record it can also be reached at

Vlad44 is there anyway... anyplace where to find your webpage at plain html. I mean not with Flash... university blocks my flash plugins and I cannot see your webpage.


PostPosted: Sat Nov 23, 2002 3:19 pm
by jabaman42
This site should be mentioned here:
Its the homepage of MXlinx, a utility similar to Sig2dat, but for winmx instead. It has a leech killer, and the next version is supposed to have a hash generator too. Definitely somthing to keep an eye on.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 16, 2003 3:20 am
by Lord Adam
cool cool

PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2003 12:57 pm
by Solomon ... uture.html

doesnt work. What was it all about? :?:

PostPosted: Wed Aug 27, 2003 7:00 am
by The RealFreezmizer

PostPosted: Wed Aug 27, 2003 5:23 pm
by Guest
The RealFreezmizer :D

Watch yourself folks. They dont like newbies much over there. ;)

winmx help

PostPosted: Wed Aug 27, 2003 6:01 pm
by Guest
:) jaffa has a non flash site ..if yer like orange..
just basics for newbies
Image see here >>>

PostPosted: Tue Sep 09, 2003 1:37 am
by (¯`·.¸Unique¸.·´¯)
The complete WinMX onlinehelp-sites all-in-one

English/International sites
Filebreech (WinMX-Community)
JRSs WinMX Section
56k'ers guide

National sites
WinMXno (Norway)
Tassus site (Finland) (Finland)
WinMX4u (Germany)
MuSeekster (Dutch)
WinMXitalia (Italy)
EMCdos (Spain)
WinMX España (Spain)
WinMX-France (France)
French copy of WinMX-Central (France)

Other plain forums
Smitty's Tavern
Unofficial betaforum
Google forum
Slyck forum
Zeropaid forum
Italian forum
Forum WinMX-France
Foro del Canal #WinMX (spanish)
WinMX España
Zona P2P (spanish)

Please feel free to moderate and fill-in more links to this list, as u wish site-admin/moderators. It's my complete collection of links found here and other places on the net, it might come useful someday :mrgreen:

PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2004 11:32 am
by (¯`·.¸Unique¸.·´¯)
List above should be more updated now :D