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Vladd44 forum is back a full year after being taken down!

PostPosted: Fri Oct 05, 2007 9:02 am
by ..Ñøßߥ..
It's great pleasure i can report the forums at are now back up and running 12months
after it was taken down. The site had suffered a ddos attack and at the time, the owner decided to
move on with other projects, now after 12 long months its back on the Winmx scene, but with a
twist. It seems the original owner Vladd, is not responsible for the resurrection of the forum,
but instead long time friend and admin Plymouth Fury, this seems to be confirmed by a post on the
site to this effect.

The site is currently offering forums for Winmx, MXpie, Bit Torrents, Ares, as well as the general
p2p, video and audio help, plus of course the Cesspool un-moderated debate forum. There are some
addition new forums expected to be added shortly.

The site was once the premier Winmx help forum with several thousand members, and played an
Important part in the resurrection of Winmx after a legal threat had forced frontcode to pull the
plug. I'm sure many will be delighted to see the forums taking their rightful place once again.