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WinMx - 2nd Anniversary Of Official Closure

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WinMx - 2nd Anniversary Of Official Closure

Postby Dazzle_2 » Sun Sep 23, 2007 4:24 pm

This post is just to mark the second anniversary of the winmx/WPN networks continued operation.

In 2005 we saw the recording industry use its financial muscle to close down a p2p app that they felt threatened their revenue stream. Instead of making any effort to work with the winmx developers and reach some accord so that both could live in harmony ,they came in with the big legal guns and made clear the next sledgehammer blow would be coming soon if certain actions where not taken, not surprisingly winmx technologies closed its doors finally on 19 September 2005 leaving many users wondering what had taken place to make such a thing occur, winmx unlike many of the current P2P apps has a massive chat room following so its closure was felt globally and many where not happy.

On this day two years ago the first users started being reconnected to what is a massive decentralised network and joined those who had been running their machines throughout the shutdown, a major victory was won over those that had tried everything in their power to kill the network, today we celebrate that victory and give thanks to all the folks who took part.

Cheers to all the tech folks who made it happen and a big thank you to all the users who stayed patient and faithful, whilst we have seen many ups and downs during the last two years we still have the benefit of a network that can not be closed down nor flooded by the recording industries cyber criminals, that is something always worth fighting for :toast:
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