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How Far Will We Go To Control Winmx Users?

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How Far Will We Go To Control Winmx Users?

Postby /Â¥\R /Â¥\å´][`´][` » Thu Sep 06, 2007 9:55 pm

I have been Dreading this moment since the I asked the questions in this post ... pen+source

When Winmx was taken offline by the infamous “cease and desist” order the MXpie team was formed with the following goals.

The MXpie team is founded on openness and honesty with the users, as we are all users ourselves. mxpie will be there to help you get connected, host and play with all of the cool plug in toys we've been accustomed to. Eventually there will be an initiative to go to an open source third party client, which will help us migrate all of our friends together to a new era of free speech and allow no issues with software distribution that plagued WinMX into the infamous “cease and desist” order.

The reply to my post confirmed my initial worry was one that needed to be addressed and dealt with before users lost control of the groups that were formed to serve them.

1) Sabre and Ranma have the right amount of paranoia for the job. If the "wrong party" got ahold of the software or source it is MUCH easier to find and exploit any weaknesses that may exist. If they know of a weakness, they can exploit it.

The following text can be found ... chive.html

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

* I am unable to connect to the network after Sabre (using a proxy & different username) leaves my channel in a fit of anger over me using his own logic to justify hosting a clone of his Big Tits room, just like he has hosted a clone of mine (TSC) for the past year. (around 9:30 am)
* Other users confirmed that they never lost the ability to connect to the network by using his cache.
* Blocking of my IP at the peer cache level is suspected.
* After replacing every instance of his IP in my HOSTS file with a WMW cache IP, I connected immediately.
* Blocking is confirmed. (2:43 PM)

Sabre has proven both the ability and the willingness to selectively block users from the network, at the peer cache level, and he will use that ability to block any users that he doesn't like or doesn't agree with, and thereby violating their rights to free speech by removing them and their chatrooms from the network.

Too much power in the hands of too few, over a network that should be in the control of its real owners (the users) is not a good thing. It promotes and encourages those that have that power to behave badly, abusing that power, and act as if they are the sole owners of the network.

The network should not be run by a few insecure people with big egos (and mental problems) that do it for power and to make themselves feel more important.

We should not be keeping our eggs in too few baskets and trust those baskets to a few power tripping mentally ill individuals. It is not good for our network and in the long run will cause its complete collapse.

It is time for the WinMX users to take back their network and rid it of those that seek to take it away from them. It is time to put a new system in place to spread out the power among more users and groups that have the best interest of the users and the network in mind, and not themselves.

Ask yourself the following Questions.

Have We As A Group Forgotten the Purpose Of Pie?
How Many Users have Gained From The Fighting For Power & Control
And Where Will The Censorship End?

My Challenge to All Pie Members is simple

Ask yourself what have we created?
And is it really what the average user wanted?
Did We Really want a cache that would be used to initiate a child like battle?
And does Sabre Have The Right To USE The good will and work of others to inflate his ego?

These actions are reflected on all members of the MXpie Teams bringing shame to all who have been involved in MXpie in any way.

The Next Step I'm guessing will be be to remove my post because it is to close to the truth and the users of mx are not allowed the truth because control will be lost.
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Re: How Far Will We Go To Control Winmx Users?

Postby HEAT84 » Fri Sep 07, 2007 12:04 am

See HC. I told you WinMX was like Iraq (You remember that post a few months ago). You were too shocked at seeing something about Iraq in a WinMX thread to actually consider it. :)
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Re: How Far Will We Go To Control Winmx Users?

Postby ..Ñøßߥ.. » Fri Sep 07, 2007 4:36 am

As far as i am concerned the group of people at are not the Mxpie team, they are a splinter group with the original still being claim "It's here that we, the MXPie Team, provide answers to your questions concerning how to configure WinMX for the best user experience possible."

I would be interested to hear how they think WInmx should be configured to avoid panic being spread throughout its user base by Sabre messing with the update bar message. I would to know how users selectively blocked by Sabre can connect, and how users can be submitted to "Sabres private blocklist" I would like to know how they intend to deal with the users of their patch that are currently helping the RIaa agents to flood the network by not using any blocking, and i would love to know why they feel the need to try and cover these issues up by deleting posts asking about these things. Mr Matts post has now unsurprisingly been deleted.

Whilst i consider some folks from as friends there is no excuse for the actions that are currently being taken over there, i doubt they will respond or even acknowledge there are issues, so with that in mind, i would call again to all users running a patch from please upgrade to the real MXpie patch available from the official site at
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Leader of Pie Admits Lack of Control

Postby /Â¥\R /Â¥\å´][`´][` » Fri Sep 07, 2007 11:42 am

The Leaders of Pie have admitted that they no longer have control of the caches and that there is nothing they can do to stop the rouge activity's of the cache controllers. But Worse still is the fact they won't allow winmx users to see it. Seems that Gemini is struggling to control the fragments that remain i have no idea what personal gain Gemini seems to think she has but by suppressing the truth but its out.

I have removed your post here also and your admin status since you cannot show good judgment in what you post on my computer help forum. Your grievances with how Sabre manages his resources have nothing to do with me so don't use my forum as an avenue for it.

shame she forgot the intent of why we formed pie and that sabre was only a part of the group
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Re: How Far Will We Go To Control Winmx Users?

Postby /Â¥\R /Â¥\å´][`´][` » Fri Sep 07, 2007 11:51 am

shame this topic got bundled with this cause they really have 2 major differences
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Re: How Far Will We Go To Control Winmx Users?

Postby bincoder » Fri Sep 07, 2007 4:07 pm

How, exactly, does he think he can filter a room out of existance?
Once the primary is established it stays that way finding more of them on its own without any need for caches.
Nuke every cache on the surface of the earth during the same nanosecond with 20 megaton ICBMs, and you can still go primary, just not as simply as a click, but certainly the room will be up and online anyway.
I wouldn't know about the window messages in WinMX. I accidentally on purpose 'broke' that function. :)
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Re: How Far Will We Go To Control Winmx Users?

Postby Keyser_Soze » Wed Sep 12, 2007 4:11 am

As much as it pains me to say it I think the safest and easiest thing to do is to either use OpenNap or Ares if you want to keep that community spirit. Or just bite the bullet and use something like eMule if you don't care about chatting to other users. But I've not used the WinMX network in a long time now and only occasionally use one specific OpenNap room for chatting with the guys I met on WinMX. It's great to have seen the spirit of WinMX been kept alive for so long and I was part of that but it's time to call it a day and knock it on the head - at least it certainly is for me. I'll always remember WinMX with great fondness because it was the p2p I moved after using a small p2p called Fileshare (Bluebox Network) but everything has it's day and life moves on.
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Re: How Far Will We Go To Control Winmx Users?

Postby multivariable » Wed Sep 12, 2007 5:02 am

I made the same point a few days ago, Keyser, although not as eloquently.

I fact, what I said was: "Who cares. Just let it die." That post apparently crossed Fred's event horizon and vanished into the black hole.

Don't get me wrong, I loved WinMX back in the day, but it's little more than a pitiful shadow of its former self. A few people, it seems, refuse to accept the writing on the wall.

Just like a much-loved pet that's in terminal decline, euthanasia is probably the best option.
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Re: How Far Will We Go To Control Winmx Users?

Postby zim » Wed Sep 12, 2007 5:41 am

MAN.... how pathetic..

Sure glad i never got into winmx. Sounds like its run (and used) by a bunch of bickering children.
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Postby MrFredPFL » Wed Sep 12, 2007 10:55 am

yes, multi, it sure did. the reason? it was totally non-constructive and i think we've seen enough examples of that kind of posting. naturally everyone does not love every protocol out there. however, what some people fail to notice is that MX has more activity here on slyck than any board other than BT. if people want to use it, they are entitled to. if someone wants to offer something constructive to the convo, by all means do so. but if we're gonna start posting "who cares" from every person on every thread where they don't share the interest of others, then there will be more who cares posts than anything else. it serves no purpose.

and just to set the record straight: i am not an MX fanboy, blindly supporting my pet network till the death. i have never connected to the MX peer network.
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Postby MrFredPFL » Wed Sep 12, 2007 10:59 am

ps: yes, zim, it's very sad to see the non-stop bickering between the people who claim to have the network's best interests at heart. in one sense, the continued operation of the WPNP after the demise of frontcode is a triumph - and in another sense, it's an embarrassment. damn shame the people involved still can't seem to get along, even after all this time, and concentrate on helping the users who so clearly love the network, and leave the personal shit behind.
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Re: How Far Will We Go To Control Winmx Users?

Postby Dazzle_2 » Sun Sep 16, 2007 7:40 pm

I would like to point out to those who come by here out of boredom and say "its dead , closed , dying etc" that Media Sentry dont think so in fact they give this network a very high rating indeed in the amount of real files available in their tests, more than any other network out there they operate on, coincidence or savvy users using blocking and filtering ?

Lets look at the above posts and see whats really been said thats news or new to folks, in my opinion nothing much, there are winmx factions and each have their own problems throughout the year but its not all doom and gloom, the faction involved in this episode ( )is the same one that declares blocking flooders is illegal, not something I hold much stead in myself but hey its their view and if they like fakes thats their choice.

My only complaint with this particular group is that by their inactivity to block they are responsible for introducing 100% of fake files onto the network. Another faction that many of you know called is now supporting the blocking campaign and for that reason we are in constant talks to improve matters and co-operation beteen us, we are both more than aware many are sick of the infighting but like any democracy it takes time to settle some aspects of policy.

I myself have been busy on my own factions behalf (winmxworld) in securing our operations after we lost our main coder and he demanded we stop distributing the filtering patch we asked users to use, so that has entailed setting up many new caches with cache software and building a group to create a new filtering patch as well as calming down many tens of thousands who thought the sky had fallen in.

So where are we ? Well same 3 groups, some movement to co-operate and some foul play by one individual in censoring a post or two that asked an awkward question, I think that sums up the situation.

The future ? I think once the intial hurdles of co-operation and trust are restored between groups we will see more expansion of the userbase but looking at the last few months its been a little downhill and I dont think it will lift in any major way until we have at least two of the groups publicly showing co-operation rather than the usual person to person delegations we use currently that passes for inter-group communications.

Trust takes time to rebuild and luckily we have time to do so atm, how much longer ppl will wait for their faction heads to work together is another story.
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Re: How Far Will We Go To Control Winmx Users?

Postby ..Ñøßߥ.. » Tue Sep 18, 2007 4:15 am

Agreed Dazzle.

There are only 2 real WInmx issues atm:

1. Winmxworld and the real have come together based on the arrival of an open source patch, providing that does as its says on the tin all will be well.

2. The guys who operate as who are sitting by watching as users of their patch assist the cartels in flooding the networks. Although they claim to recommend the use of PG2 with "a" Winmx specific list, the reality is, many of their users do NOT use any blocking, but connect to Winmx as a primary, thus offering their open slots to the cartel. If anyone needs any evidence of this, its on their "help" forum for all to see, although im sure it will now quickley be deleted, but just as a taster from the "help" forum:

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2007 1:14 am
Nickname: Michele
Problem Category: Misc. problem with WinMX
Operating System: Windows XP
ISP: Time Warner - Roadrunner
Type of Internet Connection: Broadband - DSL
Router or Modem/Router Combo: Yes
WinMX Version: 3.53
Installed Patch: MXPie Patch
Type of WinMX Connection: Both
Installed PG2: No
Added WinMX Lists: No

The very helpful team member, then gave a list of standard things to try for both secondary and primary connection, not once was blocking mentioned. There are plenty of examples like this, users are often told to try secondary connections, but what of those users that stay primary? they are the ones who's connections are being used to flood the network, and dont forget this is just the forum, i wonder how many others slip through their chat channels and continue to connect primary with no protection. We need to reach these unprotected and educate them.
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