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Postby tm, » Thu Sep 21, 2006 9:07 am

If there were no anti-P2P companies trying to take down the network with fake files, then either a .dll patch or a hosts file could work well enough. But the situation is that the Winmx network is under severe attack.

The competing patches are not close to equal. There's no question which method offers a superior solution to the problem of search-results flooding that has been crippling the network.

The WinMXgroup patch blocks fake files.
The Pie patch does not.

But why were both sides in this battle even sharing (or is it leeching?) anything? - such as the same gateway servers or blocklists or anything else? That seems a little like someone who gets a divorce, and then continues to use the ex-spouse's checkbook and credit cards, and then gets angry whenever the bills aren't paid.

Let's consider the WinMX 'divorce' as final. At the very least, both sides need to cut all strings and stand on their own two feet.
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Postby Dazzle » Thu Sep 21, 2006 12:05 pm

I would of course like to be a party to a quickie divorce as you suggest as we have peer caches, patches and the only winmx blocklist in existence, the cause of the problem was the decision to not ask folks to block flooders and unfortunately once the flooders are on the network all users of any patch type are liable to the denial of service attacks and other disruptions caused by the fake file hosting primaries.

I,m sure once we have those not using the winmxgroup patch on a blocking solution unity will return to the community.
I often make reference to the guy who urinates in the drinking water and wonders why others are upset.

I look forward to the release of a solution that addresses the core division amongst the groups,hopefully this will allow all of us to focus on more rewarding activities.
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