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Some hints how to spot and block fakes on WinMX

PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2005 2:00 pm
by Muintir na h'Eireann
Information culled from the newsgroup

Recognising fake files on the Winmx Peer Network


If you run WinMX as a primary node block the tcp protocol from any port > 32768 to any port = 6699*

* the port number that WinMX accepts TCP connections on.

A rule like this will still block a few legitimate users from being able to connect (for file transfer, etc), but, that damage is quite limited in comparison to the effectivness the rule has against the fakers. These particular type of fakers (they don't all use the same system) always initiate connection from a source port higher than around 32768. I've never
noticed any (of this flavour) that have had a source-port below this value as of yet. You'd need to configure a rule like this in your router's firewall, or desktop firewall (if you have either available), than use applications like PeerGuardian, Protowall, BendMXBBBIP, etc, as these don't have the facility to block other than by IP.