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Southern Lights 0.1b - New Version - Tons more Features

PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2005 8:43 pm
by Snip
Well its been a while! Well no just 5 days! But Here is a new version of Southern Lights with tons of new and fun features!

+ Able to Pick to send to all channels your are in or the selected one you selected from the list
+ Support for WCS, MCS, Ouka, And Just regular Winmx
+ Automatically Sends the new song playing to the channel
New Features in 0.1b
+ More Patterns to Send your text in
+ Able to Enable/Disable The Ad that sends to every room your in every 8 min
+ Added Config File - Loads settings from it and saves what you have set when you exit it
+ You can now choose to send more details about the song your playing in the room or not

To see screen shots,learn more, and download this program visit