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what is this cas_ino?

PostPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2005 6:31 am
by webSeeker10
WinMX seems really having some "dysfunction", or perhaps it's me, and i am dumbass...

So, somebody try to enter in my Q, and he gets the purple msg " Busy, 18 in Q".
My UL Q is setted with 100 entries in mxmoni, and is quite empty.
So what is wrong here ?

Another thing :
the mxmoni parameter "Auto UL for trade" is checked at "while dl and RQ".
I start somebody manually.
So i change the mxmoni parameter "Auto UL for trade" to "only while dl from target".

And the people who was started by me is kicked out, and the next in the Q is started ...
So what is this another "dysfunction" ?
If i start somebody manually, i am ok to start him, so mxmoni should see that !!

Tx a lot for your help about these 2 problems.

And i just see another thing : i browse somebody in my Q, and somebody enters in my q.
So i browse 2 people for one....Nice because the browsing feature don't eat any bandwidth :roll: :roll: :roll:

PostPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2005 9:10 am
by webSeeker10
The serial seems not ended :lol: :lol:
I start somebody, and the lucky user who enters in my Q is started so.
So the browse pb has an equivalent with the starting feature....

Some work on the prospect with the release 4.0 :lol: :lol:

PostPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2005 11:01 am
by webSeeker10
And some idea for the browsing feature, always in the prospect of the release 4.0 :
It should be nice that the files you have in the sharing file could appear with a specific colour in the browse window :

So you can see on a second if you have some file that is incompleted with some user, and can offer some trading... :wink: :wink:

This should be not very difficult to add on the client server (the files you are waiting for DL appear with a violet or braun color !!), surely more easy to do than to improve the (very useful) chat feature, i think.