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Optimizing file names for Kad searching

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Optimizing file names for Kad searching

Postby James R. Bath » Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:41 pm

At another forum that is virtually useless, someone posted a good question that I'm posting here along with my answer.

Question: How do I best name a file so it is found on Kad? I currently use brackets and underscores a lot. Should I continue?

Answer: Underscores are an unnecessary leftover of prehistoric computer times not required on Kad. Use spaces ( that.some.prefer). Putting things in [brackets] should be avoided because they give increased downloading rights to files. You want to be very selective as to what if anything you put in brackets. That's why you see brackets in user names. Use (parentheses) instead.

Any other p2p networks use brackets to assign privileges that we need to consider? From what I can tell, it's just a personal preference or a technique to draw attention to their files or make them look "l33t". I can understand period separators to avoid having to put quotes around file names executed at command lines, but it's really unnecessary too, at least with any the p2p programs I've used.
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