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IP block list confusion

PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 8:11 pm
by Leshalles
Enetec site is in Italian with unreadable English translation.

I am not sure I am doing this right. Does the Enetec filter include the bluetack filter already?

Is the enetec filter in the correct format (it is in a different format from the bluetack filter)?

Does part of this procedure only relate to filtering servers? I feel safe on servers because I only connect to a small number of known ones.

Thanks for your clarification,

What I am doing:

I have been making an ipfilter.dat list for emule by concatenating 3 lists, according to instructions I found.

The 3 lists:
pipfilter.dat (the bluetack paranoid blacklist, from
enetec emule ipfilter part 1 (from
enetec emule ipfilter high security part 2 (which has 2 parts itself)

PostPosted: Thu Sep 28, 2006 8:10 pm
by Leshalles
I have been told that the Enetec part 2 filter is the bluetack filter, so no need to add the bluetack filter in.

However, the Enetec filter is in a different format, it looks like the Peerguardian format insted of the Emule ipfilter.dat format.

Can emule read the peerguardian format?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2006 5:32 am
by HouseCrowd
It's a long time since I used any kind of IP blocker, but as far as I remember, Bluetack provided a tool called Blocklist Manager to download, create or convert various block-list formats.