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eMule Users-"Vagaa is Attacking Big BanG and Donkey Ser

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eMule Users-"Vagaa is Attacking Big BanG and Donkey Ser

Postby IceCube » Fri Sep 01, 2006 6:36 pm

I spotted the following in the eMule forums and finally decided to just post it here.

Thread wrote:
pennyliu123 wrote:One of my friends have downloaded the latest version of vagaa(released at 2006.8.12) , this version of Vagaa has faked itself as eMule 0.47a already! The download link can be found in reply #68, thanks to that friend.

lugdunummaster wrote:The defective mod seems to be a emule 0.40 based mod.

If you use a 0.47a emule or mod, it should be fine.

Unfortunatly, a server cannot send a welcome message depending on a exact criteria. Only the country can select a specific message.

So DsNo1 sends the warning message to *all* chinese users, and will still do that until the defective mod dont consume 80% of the cpu ressources of the server.

Yes. 1% of the users of DsNo1 were using this mod and consume 80% of the cpu/bandwitdh

If they still want to use this mod, they will have to find an other server.

PS: I am NOT the DsNo1 admin.

The thread goes on and on for 11 pages (gradually going off topic sometimes)

what I gathered was that Vagaa fakes itself to be the latest eMule, it floods the servers - consequently bringing up fears that eMule will be banned from the servers, has a number of bugs, and packet sniffers supposedly confirms that even the latest version of Vagaa still floods the ED2K servers with repetitive information while the creators of this seemingly ignore the problem.

Any thoughts on this?
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Postby zbeast » Fri Sep 01, 2006 6:43 pm

I never heard of it till you posted about it.
I use emule

I really don't see the point in all these mod's.
Usually there just hacks to get around the share credit system or to make them ask for requests way aggressively.
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Postby IneptVagrant » Fri Sep 01, 2006 11:47 pm

The servers use a credit system, each packet you send a server takes away a credit or more depending on the size and type of packet. Like a search will take away multiple credits because its harder for the server to process. If your credit decrease to 0 you are kicked from the server, and have to wait for your credit to replenish (at a rate of 1 credit per secound) to 1200.

Full description here.

This was set up along time ago.

Since its lugdunum that was respondeing, its a good bet the above system will be modified to handle the problem, and a new version on the server will be put online. And/or the above system is handleing the problem just fine.

The OP was worried all chinease clients would be banned, not all emule clients.

lugdunum never said all chinease clients would be banned, just the ones using the abusive client(s). But that is was impossible to address only the abusive client(s) and so addressses all chinease client since that is ware the abusive ones exist.
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