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Tor Project Warns of Potential for its Servers to be Seized

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Tor Project Warns of Potential for its Servers to be Seized

Postby sunnyd » Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:28 am

The Tor Project, an internet browser which allows people to maintain their anonymity online by protecting their location, made an announcement Friday in a blog post stating that, "there may be an attempt to incapacitate our network in the next few days through the seizure of specialized servers in the network called directory authorities."

The Tor team also stated, "We are taking steps now to ensure the safety of our users, and our system is already built to be redundant so that users maintain anonymity even if the network is attacked. Tor remains safe to use."

Many people look to Tor as a way to avoid surveillance and censorship, so this will be of great concern should an attack occur.

As of late Sunday night, there had been no reports so far of any seizures. We’ll keep you updated, and the Tor Project suggests that you check their blog or their Twitter feed for any updates.

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