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PF Chang’s Data Breach Affected 33 Restaurants over Eight Months

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PF Chang’s Data Breach Affected 33 Restaurants over Eight Months

Postby sunnyd » Tue Aug 05, 2014 2:07 pm

PF Chang’s restaurant chain first announced back in June that they suspected a hack to their debit and credit card processing system. On Monday, the company confirmed the data breach which affected 33 of its restaurant locations and continued on for a period of eight months.

In the Press Release posted on Monday, August 4th, the company announced:

On Tuesday, June 10, the United States Secret Service alerted P.F. Chang's to a possible security compromise involving credit and debit card data reportedly stolen from certain P.F. Chang's China Bistro branded restaurants located in the continental United States. An investigation into this incident was immediately initiated. Our team, including third-party forensics experts, has been working continuously to understand the nature and scope of the incident. This investigation is ongoing. The security compromise, however, has been contained, and P.F. Chang's has been processing credit and debit card data securely since June 11, 2014.

The company also stated, "The potentially stolen credit and debit card data includes the card number and in some cases also the cardholder's name and/or the card's expiration date. However, we have not determined that any specific cardholder's credit or debit card data was stolen by the intruder."

The investigation into the breach is still ongoing, but the company is encouraging its guests to pay close attention to their accounts and seek to protect themselves against possible identity theft or other financial loss by reviewing account statements for any unusual activity. PF Chang’s reminds us in the press release that under U.S. law, individuals are entitled to one free credit report annually from each of the three major credit bureaus. To obtain a free credit report, you can visit or you can call toll-free, (877) 322-8228.

At no charge, all guests of P.F. Chang's that may have been affected by the data breach can also have these credit bureaus place a "fraud alert" on their accounts which alerts creditors to take additional steps to verify their identity prior to granting any credit in their names.

A complete list of the 33 locations that were affected, and the time frames that were involved, can be found on the press release page.

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