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SABnzbd and NZB Vortex Update Roundup

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SABnzbd and NZB Vortex Update Roundup

Postby SlyckTom » Tue May 10, 2011 9:55 am

At least someone is updating their software these days. Both SABnzbd+, the open source and multiplatform newsreader, and NZB Vortez, a Mac OS-only reader, have released significant updates within the last week. Let's take a look at the latest offerings, then discuss which may be best for you.

NZB Vortex

The latest release for this client is 2.2.0, and the change log is rather extensive:

* Newly designed Icon
* IPv6 support
* Scheduler with speed limit and pause
* Preview video while downloading
* Cleanup empty folders
* Smarter resuming of a removed download
* Restructured preferences, cleaner now
* Small UI tweaks (thanks mamahuhu!)
* Moved some screens to Sheets now; for large monitors
* Recursive extraction of RAR files
* Visual feedback + mark search result while downloading
* New dock info options: speed; size; time; percentage and none.
* Better indication on UI when backup servers are used
* Do not try to find nzb's in zips larger than 50MB
* Do not pause NZB's on weird server responses.
* Retain speed limit mode config on restart
* Added a RSS feed item details window
* Press enter min or max size in search should search
* Select file in finder if only one file is available
* Always create a new folder when using "ask for location"
* Lots of other smaller fixes and tuning


Although a beta version of 0.6.0 SAB has been out for well over two months, the May 4th release is the final product. Change logs were released for the previous betas, but there doesn't appear to be one available on SAB's website for this latest release. However, the biggest change to this release is the redesign of the download queue, giving more options and a better design interface to the user.

So...if you're not using Windows OS, which client should you use? NZB Vortez is very easy to use - it's much like Unzbin or alt.binz except for the Mac. SAB's big advantage is that it will work on just about any OS, including Mac, and that there's a big opens source community that works with the development team. If you're just starting off, NZB Vortex is probably your best bet, but later in your Usenet career it wouldn't hurt to check out the very popular SABnzbd+ as well.


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