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Newzbin Usenet Trial in a 'Bit of Shambles'

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Newzbin Usenet Trial in a 'Bit of Shambles'

Postby SlyckTom » Sat Feb 06, 2010 7:43 am

After a two day wait, an update has finally been posted to And we can see why it took an extra few days, as an odd turn of events has caused a delay in the trial. The movie industry is trying to hold Newzbin responsible for copyright infringement, much like they tried, and failed, with Alan Ellis of OinK.

Things have been shaping up rather well for Newzbin in the first two days - no scolding by the judge, no outlandish conclusions by the court, no indication that the legal system would simply buy whatever the entertainment industry testified. In Newzbin's update, after the first day they were relieved in the sense of fairness the judge appeared to elude - he wasn't simply going to buy whatever crossed his bench. So what went wrong?

The latest update from Newzbin paints a rather curious change of events in the courtroom. Newzbin had reported their two main administrators, Freaky and Caesium, were due to testify on day three. It doesn't appear much was accomplished. According to Newzbin's latest post by Newzbin Legal, Caesium fell ill during cross-examination and the trial has been delayed.

"There have been bizarre side issues which have emerged. To be fair to the MPA (god, we never thought we'd ever say that!) it was out of their control and down to internal Newzbin issues. Combined with Caesium falling ill during cross-examination by the opposing barrister, this has caused a delay and things are a bit of a shambles at the moment.

Quite what happens next week when the trial restarts is unclear and there may be more delays. Times are getting interesting: in a Chinese sense." - Newzbin Legal

We're not quite sure what all this is supposed to mean - but it doesn't sound great. We can only wonder why Caesium fell ill - was it a preexisting condition or did the MPA really sock it to him? Emails to Newzbin are going unanswered at the moment, but hopefully more will be made clear soon.

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