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Llamas Go Free, Twitter Goes Wild

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Llamas Go Free, Twitter Goes Wild

Postby sunnyd » Fri Feb 27, 2015 6:30 am

This was pretty funny while it was happening yesterday....

Twitter Joins High-Speed Chase For Llamas On The Lam (Video & Article) ... index.html

Picture a mix of your favorite movie car chase and a trip to the zoo.

Two llamas were on the loose in Sun City, Arizona, Thursday, with TV cameras following them as law enforcement closed in.

Of course, it didn't take long before Twitter joined in the hunt. #Llamas became a trending topic worldwide.

Here's just part of the comments/Tweets from the article...

Jeff Darlington - I literally yelled at the TV in excitement as the llama escaped the lasso. This, my friends, is why football needs to be a year-round sport.

Sports Illustrated - And with the first pick in the draft, the @TBBuccaneers pick the white llama.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Gotta love how well he avoids the defense #NFLDraft RT @SInow: And with the first pick in the draft, the @TBBuccaneers pick the white llama.

Arizona Cardinals - The #AZCardinals have agreed to one-year deals with the #llamasontheloose. Each llama will earn 2,340 lbs of hay. Steve Keim does it again.

ABC News Anchor Tom Llamas - I am recusing myself from coverage of this story.
There will be no further comment. #TeamLlamas #LlamaChase #LlamaWatch

Here's some of the other headlines/stories...

In Video: The Great Llama Drama Of 2015 ... ma-of-2015

U.S. Northern Command: Loose Llamas Had No Connection To ISIS ... 66380.html

Llamas On The Loose Lead Officers On Low-Speed Chase ... eed-chase/

Llamas On The Lloose In Phoenix Now Safely In Custody ... ix-arizona

Runaway Llamas Caught Near Phoenix Earn 1-Year Deals With Cardinals ... -cardinals

A Llama Chase Shut Down The Internet ... eo-twitter
Productivity at offices across America fell to record lows Thursday afternoon with people glued to important news in Arizona.
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Re: Llamas Go Free, Twitter Goes Wild

Postby MrFredPFL » Fri Feb 27, 2015 11:07 am


¡Cuidado! ¡¡¡Llamas!!!
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Re: Llamas Go Free, Twitter Goes Wild

Postby bmh67wa » Fri Feb 27, 2015 2:28 pm

/me looks for the "Like" button on Fred's post. :lol:
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