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Looking for Beta users for a new file sharing application

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Looking for Beta users for a new file sharing application

Postby TomDemers » Tue Feb 12, 2008 11:20 pm

Hey guys,

My name's Tom, and I'm an online marketer for a software start-up called Shazzle. We have a new free P2P file sharing application called (wait for it) Shazzle. We just released the open Beta version of the product, and we're looking to get people to download it, play around with it, and give us some feedback. You can get the application at

In case you're curious...

Shazzle's community-based. You can make communities public, or private and password-protected/invite only. You can also synchronize downloads within a community, so that every piece of content that's been uploaded is automatically downloaded onto your hard drive (I'd save this option for private communities). Communities come with live chat, instant messaging, scrolling announcements, you can share and sort links, and there's a browser plug in.

It's pretty raw. We'd love to get some feedback on the concept, features to add, and how we can go about monetizing without ads being too obtrusive (Shazzle's free, there's no pro version, there isn't and never will be any ad or spy ware, and there are no ads whatsoever at the moment. Eventually we'll be ad supported).

Thanks in advance to anyone who gives it a spin. Feel free to PM me with any input/questions/whatever else.


Tom Demers
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