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RShare 0.7 Pre-Release 4 FE Anonymous P2P program

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RShare 0.7 Pre-Release 4 FE Anonymous P2P program

Postby Metaframe » Wed Aug 23, 2006 3:48 pm

Among MUTE, ANts and many others a new solution for anonymous P2P is available now. I am talking about RShare 0.7 Pre-Release 4, a really cool application for anonymous filesharing.

Although RShare is not very known yet the RShare network is growing more and more. It offers the following advantages:

* Anonymous filesharing, all connections are fully encrypted with the latest standards in encryption technology

* All traffic is routed trough multiple nodes to avoid direct connections (similar to the method used by MUTE and ANts)

* It is under active development and the author tries to incorporate users wishes asap

* Easy to use: start it, wait a few minutes and you are plugged to the RShare network

* Mature search function: Besides file metadata like ID3 tags from mp3 files also comments from other users are displayed

* Autoresuming of all downloads

* Will be available for Linux soon

* Source code is available

If you want to learn more about RShare I recommend the following links:

RShare download: ...

RShare discussion forum (english):,68.0.html

RShare How to (english):,1952.0.html

RShare discussion forum (german):,67.0.html

RShare How to (german):,1938.0.html

btw, I used MUTE and ANts for a long time but in the meantime I prefer RShare. :)
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Postby yaveznodo » Wed Aug 23, 2006 3:58 pm

What's the speed like on this?
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Postby Metaframe » Wed Aug 23, 2006 4:10 pm

yaveznodo wrote:What's the speed like on this?

The speed is really amazing for an anonymous filesharing program. Small files are being downloaded usually in less than 20 minutes or so, but this depends on how the data is routed trough the network.
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Postby tut123408 » Mon Oct 30, 2006 7:20 pm

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Postby P2P_G » Mon Oct 30, 2006 7:23 pm

I tried RShare some weeks ago, and it was good for being a annonymous network. A lot more users are files are needed though. ;)
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StealthNet 0.8 Build 2007.6.7.1 is out now

Postby Metaframe » Sat Jun 09, 2007 7:36 pm

Just thought this might be of interest for you.

--- copy & paste ---

StealthNet 0.8 Build 2007.6.7.1

This text is intended as a short introduction to StealthNet, a new client for the anonymous RShare network.

1. What is StealthNet?
StealthNet is based on the original RShare client and has been enhanced by a developer team who consists of Planet Peer community members. In comparison with the current RShare client StealthNet offers a lot of new features like download resuming (interrupted downloads can be resumed), multilanguage support, a search filter for several file types and much more.

2. What are the differences between StealthNet and RShare?
StealthNet 0.8 offers a bunch of new features which RShare lacks of:

- Download Resuming (allows resuming of interrupted downloads)

- Optimized bandwidth allocation when upload/download limit is activated

- Shared files and directories are now added or removed in real time

- Redundant downloads from multiple sources have been removed

- Multilanguage support (as of now Englisch and German is supported, French and Spanish will follow)

- Search filter for file types

- Pre-defined search for file extensions

In the early stages StealthNet was known as RShare Community Edition (RShare CE). However, due to several reasons we had to rename this project to its new name StealthNet. This is the reason why the RShare forums on the Planet Peer Board (
also have been renamed to RShare/StealthNet.

Both clients are open source and source code is available. They are released under the GPL.

3. How does it work?
The RShare network as well as the network protocol were developed by Lars Regensburger with strong anonymity/security and acceptable download rates in mind. All traffic in the RShare network is routed trough other nodes in the network. Furthermore, traffic is encrypted with point-to-point encryption. In combination this two techniques provide a very high level of anonymity.

If you want to learn more about RShare/StealthNet and his tech specs the Planet Peer Wiki is highly recommended:

a) RShare: ... English%29

b) StealthNet: ... English%29

4. Advantages over other anonymous P2P networks
As a matter of course StealthNet is not the only client for anonymous file sharing. There are a lot of others available, like ANts or MUTE. However, StealthNet has one important advantage: In comparison with its competitors it is under _active_ development by a developer team and feature requests from the community are incorporated.

Some more advantages are:

- Straightforward handling, even for beginners: Install, enable port forwarding and you are good to go! Anonymous P2P can´t be easier

- Modern and user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI): Due to a GUI similar to eMule users are able to work in no time with StealthNet

- Fast file transfers: As measured by the fact that StealthNet is an anonymous P2P client it has great download rates, especially when it comes to small files (depends on several factors)

- Has anti-flood-measure in place to avoid network sabotage like flooding the network with useless data packets or so

- Command line client for systems with Mono support like Linux, OSX and so on is available

5. Why should one use StealthNet instead of eDonkey & co.?
That´s pretty simple. StealthNet was primarily developed with strong anonymity and security in mind. It offers a great level of protection which other networks lacks of. In comparion with regular P2P networks like eDonkey it is nearly impossible to locate users who provide content within the RShare network. The complete traffic within the network is encrypted by approved and popular encryption techniques and downloads are routed through several other nodes so nobody can correlate what´s going on between the nodes.

If you are now interested in StealthNet and want to give it a try you can use the following download locations:

Planet Peer download section (downloads are only available for registered users!):,2907.0.html

Mirrors (free downloads without registration): ... ... _setup.exe ... ... _setup.exe ...

7. Support
The RShare network is currently growing rapidly day by day and with the advent of StealthNet the RShare network gets another boost.
For this reason there is a huge and helpful community which offers technical support and much more:

German support board:,67.0.html

English support board:,68.0.html

Wiki with detailed documentation:

Direct link to StealthNet documentation:: ... English%29

Direct link to RShare documentation: ... English%29

Bug Tracker for error reports:

StealthNet Subversion server: svn://

Official RShare web site: (is sometimes offline)
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