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Postby P2P_G » Wed Aug 09, 2006 4:14 pm

Fartingbob wrote:
Sacky wrote:
ProxyShare wrote:Because its not open source

I asked why

Not every developer wants to do open source work you know. Sometimes its nice to make something entirely by yourself and stay in control of it.

Yeah cuz he has made a good program and then someone steels it, chages the name, logos and guis and then it gets known, and he won't get famous ^^ maby he will realase the code when his program get a lil bit more known. Cuz its isn't bad.
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Postby Sauce Dip » Wed Aug 16, 2006 3:28 am

Remember Earthstation 5?

Looks like Proxyshare is similar to it...
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Postby sonnentier » Sun Sep 17, 2006 2:05 pm

ProxyShare downloads from your local ISP proxy. So it's pretty anonymous, but at the same time very fast. Other anonymous nets, who would route traffic, choke my upload and are slow.
I think you can't get such a 'secure' and so fast server for free, other than your Provider's Proxy. That's what ProxyShare tries to show. If the file isn't on your ISP, it will get that through cascaded proxys. OK, it's not completely open (like which proxys are used) and a bit shadowy, but BitComet also calls some China Servers all the time aggressively, is closed source, violates the torrent protocol and leeches/helps BC users much more - and that client is used by many, not made as bad as ProxyShare as I would say.
But I guess it is more secure to be anonymous, also if not clear, than being identifiable clearly (other open P2P). Or choking your upload with no result actually (routing some crap all day). It's a great idea but my connection and router are too crappy for that so they crash all the time if I use anonymous-routing stuff. And Usenet Servers aren't free.
So much to anonymity with high speed for free.
Proxyshare is like the only one delivering that.
So treat it with respect, idea is cool, even if it's not open -- you can notice that --, but don't make it worse than it is. The creator is putting hard work into it, in many cases it works great. It's not only some stupid malware.
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