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Suggestion for Newsgroups Guide

Postby hemi426 » Thu Sep 28, 2006 3:02 pm

I think the Premium News Server list needs to state which companies are primary providers and which are acting as resellers, as well as which service they are reselling. It would also help to group the "providers" according to ownership, so visitors will know which NSP websites are run by the same company.

In the guide, there is no distinction made between the companies that host the actual NNTP backend servers and the "companies" that act as resellers of that service. These resellers are usually small independents that do their own advertising and marketing, handle billing and provide tech support for customers. Some of these resellers practice a form of guerilla marketing, with a single company actually running many different websites, and thereby selling the same service under a long list of different "provider" names. Since many of these alternate "providers" are not even advertised, it's unlikely that we even know about many of them, but they are often easy to find simply by getting a list of sites hosted on the same server.
For a company which is already serving as a reseller , creating additional shell companies to present as newsgroup "providers" is about as easy as the time spent coding additional websites.

As the Slyck guide is now organized, the provider list could become extremely long if the legions of shell companies are listed. This is deceptive, considering that the NSP (backend) industry is actually consolidating into fewer primary providers, but each with more server capacity and retention.
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