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Need much MIRC info

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Need much MIRC info

Postby Beffyluv » Wed Oct 21, 2009 7:38 pm

Hey there haven't logged in in sometime, I got a lot of questions right now.
Sometimes in MIRC I'll link up with a server and that's as far as I'll get. This sort of thing will even happen on popular networks like Efnet, Undernet, and Abjects. What I'm wondering though is why this happens and how I can fix it. I could understand if this happens on an unpopular and shitty network with shitty speed, but this will happen to me anywhere. I have the appropriate ports open for MIRC also so I have no clue what this is all about. Secondly, I've come across this site, it's a good one for finding which servers have the files you need, all thought it seems as if they fail to update this thing sometimes, if anybody knows other packet finding websites that would be great. And lastly there seems to be a lot of networks with good stuff on it that plain old just aren't in my MIRC program, how do I get them in there? Is there something that can automatically take care of this, or a file I can get from the networks to put them in MIRC. Like I said a lot of question if anybody can help that would be nice thanks.
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Re: Need much MIRC info

Postby HEAT84 » Sun Jan 03, 2010 2:07 am

Google XDCC search instead of IRC search.
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