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How To Evade Glines and Bans on iRC

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How To Evade Glines and Bans on iRC

Postby Rezo » Sat Jan 24, 2009 10:50 am

mIRC Ban Evasion

Tools : Options : Connect : Firewall

Firewall Support: Server
Protocol: Socks5

There are now 2 portions you must look at.. Hostname and Port

Visit: HTTP://WWW.GOOGLE.COM , try keywords such as "Free SOCKS5 List" or "Socks5 Proxy" etc.

When you find an IP:Port that is what you will fill.

An example site with socks5 proxies you can try out:

Usually in the sections that say "UPTIME" are the ones that work best.

If you visit the page and see then you will go to Tools : Options : Connect : Firewall (already setting it to server and socks5) then where it says Hostname you will put: and in Port you will put 1080.

Now, remember, if there is a person that really wants you to stay off, you have to change a few things to hide yourself from getting banned again.

Tools : Options : Connect
Change all of the information in these fields:

Connect : Full Name
Connect: Email Address
Connect : Nickname
Connect : Local Info : Local Host
Connect : Local Info : IP Address
Connect : Ident : User ID

Now, connect as you usually would (/server 6667)

Now, if you get errors like "could not connect to firewall" etc. THAT MEANS THE SOCKS5 PROXY IS DEAD. Try another one. There are other sites, and they refresh over time. If all of the SOCKS5 proxies you attempt do not work, then wait a few hours and check the sites. It will work.

Side Note:

Do NOT use this to negotiate with admins. If an admin banned you, it's because they're losers, don't think they will change their minds. Just be there and take on a new identity.

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