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How To Use mIRC To Download

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How To Use mIRC To Download

Postby Rezo » Mon Jul 28, 2008 11:00 am

Hello people. I've heard quite a bit about people having trouble in this thread, so i'm going to write this little guide in order to assist. At first it seems a bit technical.. but once you get the swing of it.. you'll love it!

First, you're going to need to download a few things.

1. WinRAR - If you don't have WinRAR already, get it at

2. mIRC 6.21 - I'm going to base this guide on this version, so go to and search for mIRC 6.21. Get it from in you're google results.

3. XDCCKlipper - A script to help you download. Find it here:

Install mIRC 6.21 and WinRAR. It will put mIRC in c:/program files/mirc

Extract all of the XDCCKlipper files to that mirc folder (c:/program files/mirc) Make sure they are in that folder. If they aren't, there might be a folder there containing the files. You can select all of them and cut and paste them to the main mirc folder.

Open mIRC, and put in a fake full name, fake email address, and a nickname for yourself. If that nickname isn't available, you will put an alternative nickname in the next box. After that, hit OK, and visit

This website is an XDCC search engine. ( If you don't like this one, you can just use google and search for XDCC search engine. It will give you others.

Note that everything in mIRC has a SERVER, CHANNEL, BOT, and PACK.

The way this works is, you type /server and once connected you join the channel by typing /join #channel. This is how you get in. You will see ADS for the XDCC bots displayed in the chat channel. Most of the time you cannot talk in the channel, so do not attempt to.

In order to download successfully, you need to fix a few options. You do this by clicking CTRL+O or Tools:Options. On the left, find DCC. Click the + symbol so it becomes a -. Now you will see other things under DCC that we will be using.

First click DCC. Change these settings: On send request (move the bubble to show auto get file) and If file exists: in the box, choose RESUME. For On chat request.. Choose Auto Accept. Now, under DCC, go to Options. Uncheck "show warning."
And click IGNORE. Choose Method: Disabled. UNCHECK THE BOX THAT SAYS TURN IGNORE BACK ON IN. Now the options are configured.

For, you can click on a pack number, like #6 and it will ask if you want to join that server and network. First, type /load -rs xdccklipper.mrc and press enter. Choose yes, etc. It will load up a script for easier downloading.

If you just want to get started with a network and channel manually, you can type /server -j #elitewarez and press enter. You should see a box open at the top of mIRC that says "@xdcc". As the packs are displayed, they will gather in XDCCKlipper's window. If the box isn't open, right click in the box that says "Status" at the top and XDCCKlipper options should be in there. Go through it and find a way to open it. You can go to "XDCC Klipper Windows" and click "Open XDCCKlipper Window Abjects." Now at the top of mIRC, you should see "@xdccklipper abjects." Just give it 30 minutes to fill up. As bots put out ads, it all gets saved into here. You can double click what you want, and it will send if ready, or you might be in a queue. A queue is a waiting slot, meaning someone else is downloading and when they're done downloading it will send to you. As "XDCC BOTS" display their ads.. you will notice a line like this one:

<[EWG]-kaist> #14 42x [719M] <the rules apply to 1337 people too :roll: >.DVDRip.XviD-BeStDivX.tarar

Let's break it down. [EWG]-kaist is the XDCC Bot, #14 is the pack number, 42x is how many times its been downloaded, 719M is how large the file is, and the title of that pack is <the rules apply to 1337 people too :roll: >..DVDRip.XviD-BeStDivX.

You use this syntax to download from it manually. /msg BOT xdcc send #PACK

So in this case, you would type /msg [EWG]-kaist xdcc send #14 to recieve a 719MB file called <the rules apply to 1337 people too :roll: >..DVDRip.XviD-BeStDivX.

So typing /msg [EWG]-kaist xdcc send #14 ; will make it send to you.

If you end up using XDCC Klipper successfully, you can just look in the box, and click what you want and it will send. If you are having problems downloading anything, you can type /join #help and press enter. This will bring you into a help channel. Some XDCC bots might require you to register. In the #help channel, just ask how to register you're nick and how it works. Someone should be there to help.

When everything downloads, it saves in you're c:/program files/mirc/download folder. If you want to change this, you go back to CTRL+O or Tools:Options. Click on DCC again. Click on FOLDERS. (Under DCC) Click EDIT. Under where it says "Into This Folder" Click it. Find the folder you want to save to instead.. and select it. Click OK, OK, etc.

Hope This Helps!

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Re: How To Use mIRC To Download

Postby ntscuser » Mon Jul 28, 2008 12:28 pm

Useful guide, Rezo. I was worried for a bit the mods were going to take the whole post down permanently but good sense has prevailed. (I did see the original version).
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