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Fserves, DCC window, and downloading

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Fserves, DCC window, and downloading

Postby Subnet Fiend » Tue Feb 26, 2008 1:04 am

Hi I'm just slightly fserve challenged right now, I did read the guide but I don't think what I need was in there. So I know that most fserves give you that DCC window right, and it goes idle in 30 seconds after you cease activity for awhile. I don't get it though if that's the case does the download you qued still continue? And lets say you want to check out exactly what it is you qued where do you enter the command, in the DCC window, or the fserve chat window, and typically what is the command for your qued files?
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Re: Fserves, DCC window, and downloading

Postby Psycho Ced » Tue Feb 26, 2008 1:26 am

I'm kind of new to IRC myself but I'll try.
You have stay logged onto the server (and I think the channel - I've never actually checked) for the downloads to complete but you can close the connection by typing exit (unless they have another command which would be stated when you make the connection). Edit: got confused there. If you don't type exit you could get banned. You don't need to leave that window open (the window for the client to which you were issuing the get commands) to keep the downloads in queue.

You can normally see what you have in queue if they set it to broadcast at certain intervals as well as when you position changes. “I’ve never actually been in a long queue where one of my requests was not currently downloading, so I’ve never bothered to find the queue command though. I use hydrairc so the response from the clients end up in their own window for easy reference.

edit: I'm tired - see tehdoomsayer answer - its a bit clearer
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Re: Fserves, DCC window, and downloading

Postby king8654 » Tue Feb 26, 2008 2:25 am

Haven't hosted a fserve in a looong time, but boy it was the most "fun" i could imagine p2p can be, mostly cause of the huge communities and ultra fast xdcc fserves.
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Re: Fserves, DCC window, and downloading

Postby tehdoomsayer » Tue Feb 26, 2008 2:59 am

on fserv if you close the channel where the bot is at your gets will cease. so at all times when you are downloading from an fserv leave the dcc window up. but if you leave it open with no gets then you might get banned for "fserv camping", so you need to use the exit command to close it. on the other hand ,if it's xdcc then all you have to do is enter "/msg <bot-name> xdcc send pack#" and the private window isn't necessary. to check your queue you need to get a script like sysreset or invision and it'll track the queues your in. as far as i know there is no command to check fserv queue but i could be wrong. might be good to check IRC forums for the answer if you really need it.

edit: thought i'd add you don't have to leave the dcc window open to get files, but i always do to keep track of where i'm getting it from. i've never been banned from an fserv by leaving the window open while i was getting a file i've been using irc for years.
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Re: Fserves, DCC window, and downloading

Postby Subnet Fiend » Thu Feb 28, 2008 9:38 am

Just making sure I'm clear on this, but you're telling me it's better to type exit into the dcc window, instead of just letting it go idle and close down in 30 seconds, right?
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